Kor Teeth Whitening Offered at the Gentle Dentist – Shelby Twp

Hi, my name is Dr Robert Antolak, The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number.

Since whitening or bleaching is the most popular, requested cosmetic dentistry procedure, I am going to discuss that a little bit with you.

At our office, we use what’s called Kor whitening. This is for people that really want a dramatic change in their smile and in their results.

This is showing the process which is called a shade guide. So on the top, you can see how dark those teeth are compared to the lower ones. And that’s done with a very gentle experience, and not having sore teeth and sensitive teeth. That process is accomplished because the material itself has a neutral PH. In other words, it’s not acidic.

It’s transferred from the producers who make that in refrigerated containers with dry ice and then we refrigerate it so that it does not allow it to decompose. What I mean by decompose is, the decomposition of an agent produces oxygen and that oxidation is what whitens teeth up.

There are some companies that put the solution in acidic solution and that can make teeth sensitive. So, the situation is such that it’s been designed to really reduce any sensitivity for your teeth yet at the same time whiten them.

I actually have the story where had a Zoom whitening light and didn’t use it for a couple of years. Finally, I brought it home with me and tried to figure out what I was going to do with it and tried selling it.  I put it on Craig’s List and nobody wanted it even at that point. So I ended up throwing the thing out which is a shame.  But the reality is, is that you don’t need light to whiten teeth.  In fact, when you use light, that will dehydrate the teeth. When you dehydrate teeth, you make them extremely sensitive. The teeth themselves need to constantly be rehydrated with certain solutions so that it will desensitize the teeth as they are whitening.

We have a number of different ways of doing this. We have our in-office whitening where you have the process of wearing trays. They’re the custom-made pieces of a plastic material that you wear at nighttime. You wear the tray in combination with coming into our office where we apply a very strong solution to your teeth, without the light. The combination of those things brings out results like you’ve seen right here.

We also have the ability for you do the whitening at home.  It’s a little bit more gentle and it also takes a little bit longer, but you can get outstanding results with that.

Teeth whitening is basically the process where you have micro-fractures in the enamel of teeth, so small you can’t even see them. And long chain molecules get deposited in those cracks. What whitening does is provide an oxidation process that actually cuts those long chain molecules into smaller molecules, which don’t absorb that much light.

So if the long chain molecules absorb a lot of light, it makes teeth look darker. As they get broken down into smaller molecules then they absorb less light, therefore making the teeth look whiter.

Teeth whitening does not affect or hurt the nerve of the tooth. People think that. They think it also affects and hurts the enamel of teeth and it does not hurt the enamel of teeth. So it’s safe.

If you do have sensitivity what you may want to do is rather than whitening teeth every day,  whiten every other day. You can also use a desensitizing toothpaste and I recommend using Pronamel by Sensodyne and that will help. You could even put that in your bleaching trays every other day when you do it and that will help to desensitize the teeth also. So there are some tricks that we can do to help whiten your teeth to the best that they can be and at the same time where they are not so sensitive.

Kor Teeth Whitening Offered at the Gentle Dentist

So if you’d like to hear some really good ideas like that our phone number is 586-247-3500 at thegentledentist.com. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

Smiles for Life Teeth Whitening Program in Macomb County

I love yellow teeth, said no one.

Why is it that people don’t want yellow teeth?

Probably because it makes you look old. So, what do we find that’s very popular in our office at thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township, MichiganPeople requesting to have their teeth whitened.

Now this is the spring time and during spring time what do we have? We have proms, we have high school graduations, we have weddings, we have all kinds of different activities happening in the spring and through the summer. What better way of making yourself look better than to whiten your teeth?

Here’s the deal.

My name is Robert Antolak and I’m a Crown Council member which is a group of like-minded dentists throughout the country.  One thing that we do is called the Smiles for Life program. Smiles for Life is a program where 100% of the funds that are generated from whitening goes to children’s charities.

Here in Michigan, we help to support what’s called Sandcastles, which is a grief support group for children who have lost a loved one. Fifty percent of the money that’s generated from whitening goes to that program.

The other 50% goes to an organization that is all for children’s charities and it’s a nationally funded so many, many larger organizations are the recipients of this. So it’s a great program. It’s $250 to whiten your teeth which is actually less than our regular fee and once again, all the funds are donated to children’s charities. This goes on for a couple of months. So right now it is March. It goes through June. So please give us a call 586-247-3500.

Whiten your teeth and help a child smile at the same time. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Why Shelby Twp. Dentist No Longer Provides Zoom Whitening

Hi. This is Dr. Antolak from TheGentleDentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number.

I’m just wondering if you’re looking of a way to do an in-office whitening, and if you are looking for a Zoom office that whitens teeth in office. We used to do that. We are your Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan in Macomb County. We used to be Zoom users, but unfortunately, many people found that by using the Zoom system, now Philips Zoom is a problem because what it does is it creates really sensitive teeth.

The Zoom system does whiten teeth, but unless it’s followed up with home whitening it is very short term acting. The thing that whitens teeth the most is that it requires time to allow the bleaching solution to oxidize and penetrate into the small crevices that are in the enamel layer of the teeth.

The Zoom system has an acidic pH. In other words, it’s acidic and that’s how it is actually stored. Because of this, there is the potential of having sensitive teeth. Also the light that it uses actually creates heat and that can make the teeth sensitive also.

We do, instead of using the Zoom system, we use something called Kor Whitening. Kor Whitening is a special product that is used to whiten teeth, but it does it in a much more gentle fashion and the results are quite significant.

So if you’re looking for an in-office whitening system, we do use Kor Whitening, and we no longer use the Zoom Whitening system because of these problems with sensitivity, and lack of long-lasting effectiveness for whitening.

Why Shelby Twp. Dentist No Longer Provides Zoom Whitening

This might be a controversial subject, but it’s something that I feel is very important, and I wanted you to get some insight about why we no longer are a Zoom Whitening dental provider in Shelby Township, Michigan, Macomb County. For more information contact The Gentle Dentist at 586-274-3500.

Smiles For Life Teeth Whitening in Shelby Twp., MI

Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from thegentledentist.com in Shelby Twp., Michigan. My phone number is 586-247-3500.

I’m holding up a little poster here, a little plaque that talks about how you can help children by whitening your teeth. For last 15 years we’ve been partner’s with Smiles For Life in the Crown Council and its purpose is to raise money for children’s charities.

By whitening your teeth at a reduced fee of $250 you get a custom whitening trays and all the bleaching agents.  That’s actually less than it would cost without participating in the program and that money then goes directly to children’s charities. Locally, in the Detroit area, we help to support SandCastles.

SandCastles is sponsored by Henry Ford Hospital and it’s a grief support for children who have lost loved ones.  So, 50% goes there and 50% goes to Garth Brook’s program that he set up for children’s charities on the national basis. St. Jude hospital for example, is one of those.

So the money that is raised goes to that and we run the program for a four month period of time. You come into the office we take impressions of your teeth and you take home teeth whitening trays with you.   and you do the custom trays in, in and do a great job with whitening your teeth and helping children.

Smiles For Life Teeth Whitening in Shelby Twp., MI

So if you’re interested in this, our phone number is 586-247-3500. Thank you.

Kor Whitening Demonstrated at Shelby Township Dental Office

Hi, this is Doctor Antolak from thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township Michigan. Our phone number is 586-247-3500. We are doing some in-office whitening right now. Nelly is my assistant here and she’s doing some whitening on my other assistant, Nicole. And Nicole is very relaxed. She’s listening to some headphones and Nelly is going through the process right now of preparing the teeth for what’s called Kor Whitening. This whitening process, will, it’ll take you how long to do this Nelly? {3 sessions of, 20 minutes.}  So three sessions of 20 minutes, so approximately an hour of, being in the chair. She’ll be here, today. She is applying a solution to help desensitize the teeth first. And then because of the core whitening is something that is formulated to be used without a light it is very effective and it’s gentler than other types of processes. We actually have the ability to do it with the light. But we find that it’s a little bit less sensitive with this process that we’re doing. Right now, we’ve taken a pre shade of a shade B-1, which is a match pretty closely here. And we will probably expect to get a color that is quite significantly white after that. She’s going to basically be shiny.   We will do that as now he continues his process we’ll take a look at what it’s going to look like when she’s done, and we’ll kind of assess that.

Okay now the 20 minutes are gone and the first session is expired so I’m going to remove this Nicole turn this way a little bit so they can see it is packaged okay.  I already removed the gel on the upper teeth. And now, I am going to remove the suction, the gel. Like I said, the whole procedure is three, 20 minute sessions. So, first time applying the gel, second time is going to be very soon. But, first I have to remove the old gel, and even now you can see I’ll show you very shortly okay Nicole?  Nicole is great patient okay you know what this was the preliminary shade for her. It’s B-1. If we put it right next to the teeth.  You can see the difference, even in 20 minutes.  So we’ll see you a little bit later.  But once we’re done with the whitening we have to wait like a week for the real color to settle. So this is just for the time being.

So now he’s going ahead and, and mixing these up. This kor whitening works a little differently than some of the other products. This actually requires us to mix two different types of solutions. And mix them into each other, so that they activate. The on, the one difference with the core system, is that it, and other system works its refrigerated, and, that’s how they preserve it. The reason why it makes it less sensitive to hot or cold is because many other different whitening products have an acidic PH, in other words., they are acidic. They have a low PH. That low PH is used for preserve the materials. This core whitening, is, is a special product in that, it actually uses, a neutral PH. So it doesn’t make the teeth sensitive, okay, and it doesn’t itch the teeth. A low PH or acidic solution will actually itch the teeth and make them more sensitive. This material is different, in that, once again, it’s a neutral PH, so it doesn’t make them so sensitive and its preserved by using rigid refrigeration. When they send this product to us, it’s done in a Styrofoam container and dry ice. The whole process is made sure that it stays cold and very active. Okay? And that’s the key to making this a successful material. So, we have a number of different products available for whitening and if you would like to, if you’re not happy, let’s say you’ve had some whitening done in the past and you’re not happy. Well I think what’s really important is that you have professionals who are really willing to pay attention to the details of how something is to be done.

If the details are not followed through, then you’re not going to have quite the result. When this procedure’s done it has to be, if there’s any shortcuts that are made, then you will not get as, nearly as nice a result. You can see from Nicole’s example, that only after one time her teeth are very white. And it’s not because they are drying out right now, it’s because they’re actually getting whitened out. It’s not because they’re being heated up, from a lamp, from a light. It’s actually because they’re being whitened at this point in time, so we’ll see what the results will be like in a little bit.

Kor Whitening Demonstrated at Shelby Township Dental Office

So, if there is interest in Kor Whitening in Shelby Township give us a call please, at 586-247-3500. Thank you. Good job, Nelly.

Kor Whitening Demonstrated at Shelby Township Dental OfficeThe Gentle Dentist Logo

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Whitening Options

Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from the Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number. These are Crest White Strips. Obviously you can tell by the box.  This is something that we use for people who want to have kind of whitening done and without going through the impressions and that type of thing. This is good for people who have teeth that are nice straight in alignment. And they are little strips that are sticky; you peel them off and just kind of stick them to your teeth. And the difference between this and the ones over the counter, this is the professional strength, is that it’s actually a stronger solution that’s there and it equates to about three times as much whitening for the value for the dollar. It’s a stronger solution. Plus you get more whitening strips then you do in the store for the price. We recommend usually doing different types of whitening, depending on what the patient wants and the effect that they want. Either will do something called kor whitening, which uses not a light but it’s an in office whitening that does not use lighting.

We also use the zoom system, which uses a light. With the zoom system, the teeth can become sensitized and sensitive. So, we usually use the core whitening if somebody wants a really profound change in their whitening. We also use what’s called night white or day white- which is the whitening with a little tray that you use that you put the solution in. And you wear that at night time. And also for, the lowest cost would be the, the white strips that I’m holding up here. That is there to help with somebody who just wants to touch up.  It’s not going to cover all their teeth and it’s not going to get quite the effect that we do when we professionally whiten them in the office or with our professional trays that you wear but they do an effective job.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Whitening Options

So if you have teeth that are maybe a little on the yellower side I think you’ll find these will work for you pretty well. So if you’d like to give us a call and inquire about that, our phone number’s 586-247-3500. Thank you.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Whitening OptionsThe Gentle Dentist Logo

Kor Teeth Whitening in Shelby Township, MI

Dr. Antolak: Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from thegentledentist.com. We’re located out in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number’s 586-247-3500. The new buzz in dental whitening right now is Kor bleaching. It’s a way that we can combine in-office bleaching with home whitening, same thing. And combining the two make an awesome difference in patients who have sensitive teeth and really want a profound change in their smile.

You know, bleaching, whitening is one of the most request services that we do in cosmetic dentistry so I thought I would go ahead and show you with Nicole who is our whitening specialist and we have a patient of ours that has got quite dark stained teeth. We ended up doing veneers on his front teeth, but we’re going to want to whiten his other teeth so we can match the veneers up to his front teeth. So, I’m actually going be recording this and doing it in a interview style with Nicole.

In that way you can kind of hear our interaction back and forth while observing what we’re doing with our patients. So hopefully you’ll find this entertaining and also very enlightening. And if you do need to reach us you can even email us at info@thegentledentist.com. Thanks.

Dental Assistant: Hi, my name’s Nicole, and we’re doing Kor bleaching on one of our patients today.

Dr. Antolak: And Nicole tell me, what is the benefit of Kor whitening over other types of systems?

Dental Assistant: Well the system is used a little differently than other systems. One of the special things about Kor whitening is that we keep the material refrigerated and it’s cold. And as soon as we put it on the patient’s teeth, and it gets warm, it activates and works a lot better than some other materials.

Dr. Antolak: Right and I noticed that on the patient we’re seeing today, his lips are pulled back, he’s got some stuff on his teeth there but, he doesn’t have a light. Can you tell me a little bit what the difference is between having a light and not having a light?

Dental Assistant: Well when you have a light it dries out the teeth a lot more than without a light. And it can make the patients teeth a lot more sensitive. They have a lot more sensitivity and discomfort with the process. So in this process we don’t use a light. Iif you see the green material we have here on his tissue, this is a dental dam material that we use that protects his tissue from the bleach. And then again with putting the bleach on cold that it activates and works on its own.

Dr. Antolak: So with this bleaching process of our Kor whitening system, what kind of sensitivity do you think he’s going to expect? You know, a lot of times you hear of, I know with some of the lighted systems that use lighting, that a lot times people will get like zingers and now they’ll have some pain afterwards – can you tell me a little bit about the sensitivity issue with Kor whitening?

Dental Assistant: Patients experience a lot less sensitivity that they do with a light. Because of that, because of the drying of the teeth and, and that’s what creates some of those zingers that patients experience. There is some minor sensitivity that patients experience with bleaching altogether, even with home bleaching. This Kor system is a lot less.

Dr. Antolak: And I think the reason why too is that with using this system, because it’s refrigerated it doesn’t use any acids to keep it.

Dental Assistant: Right.

Dr. Antolak: So tell us a little bit about that.

Dental Assistant: It doesn’t use any acids. It’s a peroxide based material. So, when you put it on the tooth that’s when it becomes active, and it decreases sensitivity

Dr. Antolak: And sensitivity sometimes can, when things are stored as an acid to preserve the bleaching material, that acid will actually make the teeth sensitive too. It kind of etches the teeth doesn’t it?

Dental Assistant: Yeah.

Dr. Antolak: Yeah and so it’s a neutral ph. Tell us a little bit about the desensitizing process.

Dental Assistant: Yes. With this process, we send the patient home with a desensitizer that’s used before the actual procedure and then we use it before we start and after we finish. And they continue using it at home to prevent that sensitivity.

Dr. Antolak: Okay, great. That’s one thing that’s kind of neat with this core system is it uses both the home whitening system and the in office system very effectively. We’re going to find a nice result and we’ll talk with our patient when he gets done.

Dental Assistant: Okay, so our session has ended so I’m going to go ahead and remove the bleaching material right now. So we use this tip to take all the bleach off before we rinse so that he doesn’t have to taste it all.

Dr. Antolak: Great, now it looks like we are done. Now Nicole it looks like you took off
of there.

Dental Assistant: Yes.

Dr. Antolak: Okay

Dental Assistant: We just ended the third session so, I was just telling our patient here that you’re going to notice some little white spots in the teeth for the next couple of days, and this will all even out on its own. So we’ll have him come back for a final color.

Dr. Antolak: Okay.

Dental Assistant: And we’ll see how he does, I mean he’s going to continue using the home lightning process. So when he came in today this is what color he was.

Dr. Antolak: Okay.

Dental Assistant: And this what he is now.

Dr. Antolak: Wow.

Dental Assistant: So you can see what a difference it’s made, and the bleach will continue to work.

Dr. Antolak: Big difference. What a difference eh?

Dental Client #1: Huge, yeah.

Dental Client #2: Holy smokes yeah.

Dental Client #1: Wow. I thought it was a big difference just with the 2 week, at home.

Dr. Antolak: Yeah, so you started off, we did it a couple a weeks at home.

Dental Client #1: Yeah.

Dr. Antolak: That kinda primes the teeth and gets them ready for this power session, and…

Dental Client #1: I was a little worried about that too, being a little sensitive but I didn’t notice anything at all.

Dr. Antolak: No sensitivity.

Dental Client #1: No.

Dr. Antolak: And how about now, how does it feel now?

Dental Client #1: It feels fine.

Dr. Antolak: It was fine.

Dental Client #1: I know during the process I noticed just a little bit of burning on the gums but you know, once she fixed the damming area that it wasn’t a problem either.

Dr. Antolak: Yeah it’s very very intense material so it’s really important.

Dental Client #1: Right.

Dr. Antolak: So great!

Dental Client #1: Even though it was the spot we touched with the lip.

Dr. Antolak: Good, yeah, that’s all healed. Some vitamin E we used and it’s good. So, we’re going to be doing veneers on you next time. And your front teeth and so we’re going to see what it looks like when we’re done.

Dental Client #1: So wonderful.

Dr. Antolak: Very good. Okay, thanks a lot.

Kor Teeth Whitening in Shelby Township, MI

If you have any questions about Kor Teeth Whitenting give us a call today at: 586-247-3500. We are located in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Kor Teeth Whitening in Shelby Township, MI

Hi, my name is Margie I’m a dental hygienist here at thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan and I’m going to talk to you about something very quickly about a campaign that we are running in our office and it’s called Smiles For Life and what it is, is simply put is if you want your teeth whiter, this is the time to do it. Between March 1st and the end of June, we do this every year, we use the same product that we use all year long, except this time of the year, Discus Dental sends us the supplies and we supply you with a service. The cost is half off.

And all the proceeds go to children’s charity first charity or I should say half the charity goes to a local charity in our surrounding area here through Henry Ford Hospital and it’s called Sand Castles. And it is for children who are grieving from ages 3 to 18. If they’re grieving the loss of a loved one they are there to help support them. The other half goes to Garth Brooks Children’s charity that he has set up and it actually covers quite a few different children’s charities. There is Smiles for Hope, Children of Romania Cure. There’s the Cancer Foundation for Children and there’s a few others, but all the proceeds go for all children’s charities.

So again, if you are looking for teeth whitening in Shelby Township or Macomb County, this is the time of year to do it. Come see us and visit us at www.thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan. Hope to see you soon.

At The Gentle Dentist located in Shelby Township and in the Sterling Heights Michigan area http://www.thegentledentist.com/cosmetic_dentistry.htm we are committed to the most current up to the date cosmetic dentistry procedures such as bleaching, cosmetic dental porcelain veneers, Bonding and the Snap on Smile procedure.  The Snap on Smile is an easy and affordible treatment that is intended to be used to literally “Snap on” over the existing teeth.  People ask me if these are intended to be used permanantly and I tell them that the snap on smile is for a year or two duration and can be used to replace missing teeth, lengthen, close the gaps in teeth and whiten them.

The material is made in a custom laboratory and is flexible enough to be mobile. It is strong enough to last for quite a time.  These procedures are really nice looking in certain circumstances.  These are listed below:

  • short teeth that don’t show much when smiling
  • spaces in between teeth
  • missing teeth can be replaced with the snap on smile
  • Teeth that are placed further back in the mouth

If you have any quesions about the procedure or to see if this is for you then give our Shelby Township Michigan dental office a call at 586.247.3500.

Cosmetic dentistry including bleaching, cosmetic porcelain  veneers, invisible braces, tooth colored fillings and porcelain crowns are very important aspects to the modern dental practice.

For people who suffer from low self esteem and pressures to smile in front of a camera these procedures can be their best friend.  Since the smile is the first thing noticed by others possessing a confident smile also shows higher self confidence and self worth to others.

I treated a neighbor of mine with cosmetic dental veneers and crowns about 2 years ago and saw him at a neighborhood birthday party the other day.  He saw me and started bragging that these (as he was pointing at his teeth) are the best investment I have ever made.  You see that they will last him many years to come whereas the investments in housing and the stock market have gone down his smile hasn’t.  He is a business owner in the Metro Detroit area and he  had to sell his services to professionals.  With a poor smile he lacked the confidence to present himself in front of banks and others in decision making positions.  Once he had a beautiful smile that he was proud of his exterior was reflective of  his interior and this made a difference in his demeanor and outlook.

Dr. Antolak has been practicing Cosmetic, implant, sedation and general dentistry for the past 23 years and is a contributing columnist for “Ask The Gentle Dentist” in the Senior Living News and the Advisor/Source newspapers for the past 8 years.

About The Author

Dr. Robert Antolak, DDS graduated from the University of Michigan in 1987 with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality and appropriate cosmetic, sedation and general dentistry in the most comfortable and gentle way possible. Because being a dentist has been a lifelong dream, Dr. Antolak has a passion for the profession. He enjoys helping people feel better about their smiles and therefore their self-image with dental implant and cosmetic dentistry. His Dental Practice is located in Shelby Township, Michigan.  For more information visit The Gentle Dentist.

3 Ways Teeth Whitening Can Improve Lives in Shelby Twp

Think about the last time someone took a photo of you. Did you show your full smile? Or, did you keep your lips closed? Did you smile the last time you met someone new? If not, would you like to change that? Teeth whitening may be the answer, and our team here at Dr. Robert V. Antolak can help. Patients and friends often talk to us about how teeth whitening has changed their lives!

  1. People who have had their teeth whitened talk about how much better they feel about themselves. It was amazing what a brightened smile did for one of our patients from Shelby Twp. After having her teeth whitened, she smiles more, she’s more confident, and she feels far more comfortable in all social situations.
  2. Overall appearance is dramatically improved. Your mouth and eyes are the main focal points of your face, and teeth whitening not only improves your smile, but also enhances other facial features as well.
  3. A patient from Shelby Township, Michigan told us about good things that have happened in his business since his teeth whitening. When he meets new clients, the experiences are more positive and engaging because of his confidence. A bright, attractive smile inspires trust.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Antolak by clicking on the blue button and see what professional teeth whitening program can do for you! You’ll receive a Smiles For Life discount, AND ALL proceeds go to children’s charities to help children in need—including our local charity partner, Smiles for Life in Salt Lake City. Remember to become a fan on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

And PLEASE share this remarkable offer and opportunity with your family members, friends, and coworkers!

Keep smiling!

Dr. Robert Antolak and The Gentle Dentist Team

About The Author

Dr. Robert Antolak, DDS graduated from the University of Michigan in 1987 with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality and appropriate cosmetic, sedation and general dentistry in the most comfortable and gentle way possible. Because being a dentist has been a lifelong dream, Dr. Antolak has a passion for the profession. He enjoys helping people feel better about their smiles and therefore their self-image with dental implant and cosmetic dentistry. His Dental Practice is located in Shelby Township, Michigan.  For more information visit The Gentle Dentist.

For over 100 years, dentists have been using silver-mercury amalgam fillings to restore decayed or broken teeth.   These materials contain about 50% mercury combined with silver and other metals.  The worked well but they are not only ugly and unnatural in appearance, but they have the potential of creating fractures in the teeth cause by the expansion and contraction of the mercury within the filling.  In the past the only other alternative was gold and that was too expensive for most folks.

For about the last 15 years or so there has been an economical way to beautifully restore teeth in the Shelby Township, Sterling Heights area  using tooth-colored resin fillings.  The resin is made up of glass particles in a plastic matrix which is like clay as we mold it and shape its surface.  We bond the putty-like material to the tooth with a high-intensity light.  This hardens the material and allows it to be shaped and polished for immediate use.

Once completed, the tooth has a natural appearance and is actually stronger than before due to the strength of the adhesive agent used to bond the resin to the tooth. Because these fillings bond to the teeth they can remain very small whereas in the past the silver-mercury fillings had to have a large hole drilled to hold the filling in place.  Resin restorations not only look better, but they are stronger and last longer than the old silver-amalgam fillings.

Resin restorations are slightly more costly than the amalgam fillings because of the time and expertise required to place them is much greater.  The benefits of increased natural beauty and safety are worth the difference in price.  Insurance usually covers the amount that the silver amalgam filling would cost and you, the patient, are responsible for the difference.  The price range is from $150 to $350 per tooth.

Please call our Shelby Dental office at  (586.247.3500)  The Gentle Dentist to have any questions  you may have about the benefits of resin restorations.

About The Author

Dr. Robert Antolak, DDS graduated from the University of Michigan in 1987 with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality and appropriate cosmetic, sedation and general dentistry in the most comfortable and gentle way possible. Because being a dentist has been a lifelong dream, Dr. Antolak has a passion for the profession. He enjoys helping people feel better about their smiles and therefore their self-image with dental implant and cosmetic dentistry. His Dental Practice is located in Shelby Township, Michigan.  For more information visit The Gentle Dentist.

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