Kor Teeth Whitening Offered at the Gentle Dentist – Shelby Twp

Hi, my name is Dr Robert Antolak, The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number.

Since whitening or bleaching is the most popular, requested cosmetic dentistry procedure, I am going to discuss that a little bit with you.

At our office, we use what’s called Kor whitening. This is for people that really want a dramatic change in their smile and in their results.

This is showing the process which is called a shade guide. So on the top, you can see how dark those teeth are compared to the lower ones. And that’s done with a very gentle experience, and not having sore teeth and sensitive teeth. That process is accomplished because the material itself has a neutral PH. In other words, it’s not acidic.

It’s transferred from the producers who make that in refrigerated containers with dry ice and then we refrigerate it so that it does not allow it to decompose. What I mean by decompose is, the decomposition of an agent produces oxygen and that oxidation is what whitens teeth up.

There are some companies that put the solution in acidic solution and that can make teeth sensitive. So, the situation is such that it’s been designed to really reduce any sensitivity for your teeth yet at the same time whiten them.

I actually have the story where had a Zoom whitening light and didn’t use it for a couple of years. Finally, I brought it home with me and tried to figure out what I was going to do with it and tried selling it.  I put it on Craig’s List and nobody wanted it even at that point. So I ended up throwing the thing out which is a shame.  But the reality is, is that you don’t need light to whiten teeth.  In fact, when you use light, that will dehydrate the teeth. When you dehydrate teeth, you make them extremely sensitive. The teeth themselves need to constantly be rehydrated with certain solutions so that it will desensitize the teeth as they are whitening.

We have a number of different ways of doing this. We have our in-office whitening where you have the process of wearing trays. They’re the custom-made pieces of a plastic material that you wear at nighttime. You wear the tray in combination with coming into our office where we apply a very strong solution to your teeth, without the light. The combination of those things brings out results like you’ve seen right here.

We also have the ability for you do the whitening at home.  It’s a little bit more gentle and it also takes a little bit longer, but you can get outstanding results with that.

Teeth whitening is basically the process where you have micro-fractures in the enamel of teeth, so small you can’t even see them. And long chain molecules get deposited in those cracks. What whitening does is provide an oxidation process that actually cuts those long chain molecules into smaller molecules, which don’t absorb that much light.

So if the long chain molecules absorb a lot of light, it makes teeth look darker. As they get broken down into smaller molecules then they absorb less light, therefore making the teeth look whiter.

Teeth whitening does not affect or hurt the nerve of the tooth. People think that. They think it also affects and hurts the enamel of teeth and it does not hurt the enamel of teeth. So it’s safe.

If you do have sensitivity what you may want to do is rather than whitening teeth every day,  whiten every other day. You can also use a desensitizing toothpaste and I recommend using Pronamel by Sensodyne and that will help. You could even put that in your bleaching trays every other day when you do it and that will help to desensitize the teeth also. So there are some tricks that we can do to help whiten your teeth to the best that they can be and at the same time where they are not so sensitive.

Kor Teeth Whitening Offered at the Gentle Dentist

So if you’d like to hear some really good ideas like that our phone number is 586-247-3500 at thegentledentist.com. Thank you. Have a blessed day.