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Porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns can help restore your smile with a clean, natural and beautiful appearance.  Here are a just a few examples of what porcelain veneers and crowns have done for patients at our Shelby, Michigan office.

“I’m one of those “cowardly” people who neglected my dental health for over twenty years because of my overwhelming fear of dentists. I was unable to even pick up the phone and make an appointment, so I emailed ”Dr. Antolak and told him how much I needed his help. “Thanks to Dr. Antolak my smile is now beautiful, and I’ll never be afraid of going to the dentist again. If making that first phone call is too difficult for you, then email Dr. Antolak, write him a letter, but take that first step! Like me, you’ll learn that this one small step will be the start of a journey that will change your life! In fact, I received my third promotion since I got my cosmetic dentistry treatment done.”

Karen Sigler
Warren, Michigan

“My first set of dental veneers was done almost twenty years ago. I had a space between my two front teeth and all my front teeth had large fillings-not a good way for a dentist to appear before his patients. At the time, the concept of dental veneers was relatively new and the materials were not as good as what we have available today. Recently those veneers began to crack and chip. I realized it was time to pick someone who I knew could restore my smile to its optimum. Dr. Antolak couldn’t do anything about my thinning and graying hair, but I’m happy to say he took years off my smile.”


Robert Lavine, DDS
Sterling Heights, Michigan

“It had been a very long time since I had been to the dentist and decided one day that it was time to do something about my teeth. Because my teeth were so bad, my self confidence was lost and I had no desire to go out and meet new people. I went online and found a bunch of different sedation dentists. Upon “interviewing” each of them I decided to choose Dr. Antolak for a number of reasons. The main reason was that he was friendly, answered all of my questions and his staff is top notch. If it was not for Dr. Antolak and sedation dentistry, I would not have the smile that I have now. I was very nervous about getting cosmetic dental work done, but once they explained how sedation dentistry worked, I felt there was no other choice for me. I am so glad that I did. The process was quick and enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable. I finally have the smile that I am proud of, and I love to show it off. Thank you to everyone at The Gentle Dentist for always being there to answer my questions and giving me a social life back.

Thank you — I cannot say enough about what you have done for my self confidence and appearance.”

Thank You,

Scot Brand
Utica, Michigan

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before porcelain crowns after porcelain crowns
before porcelain crowns after porcelain crowns
Porcelain Crowns
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 Porcelain veneers
 before porcelain veneers  after porcelain veneers

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