Why Shelby Twp. Dentist No Longer Provides Zoom Whitening

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I’m just wondering if you’re looking of a way to do an in-office whitening, and if you are looking for a Zoom office that whitens teeth in office. We used to do that. We are your Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan in Macomb County. We used to be Zoom users, but unfortunately, many people found that by using the Zoom system, now Philips Zoom is a problem because what it does is it creates really sensitive teeth.

The Zoom system does whiten teeth, but unless it’s followed up with home whitening it is very short term acting. The thing that whitens teeth the most is that it requires time to allow the bleaching solution to oxidize and penetrate into the small crevices that are in the enamel layer of the teeth.

The Zoom system has an acidic pH. In other words, it’s acidic and that’s how it is actually stored. Because of this, there is the potential of having sensitive teeth. Also the light that it uses actually creates heat and that can make the teeth sensitive also.

We do, instead of using the Zoom system, we use something called Kor Whitening. Kor Whitening is a special product that is used to whiten teeth, but it does it in a much more gentle fashion and the results are quite significant.

So if you’re looking for an in-office whitening system, we do use Kor Whitening, and we no longer use the Zoom Whitening system because of these problems with sensitivity, and lack of long-lasting effectiveness for whitening.

Why Shelby Twp. Dentist No Longer Provides Zoom Whitening

This might be a controversial subject, but it’s something that I feel is very important, and I wanted you to get some insight about why we no longer are a Zoom Whitening dental provider in Shelby Township, Michigan, Macomb County. For more information contact The Gentle Dentist at 586-274-3500.