Kor Whitening Demonstrated at Shelby Township Dental Office

Hi, this is Doctor Antolak from thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township Michigan. Our phone number is 586-247-3500. We are doing some in-office whitening right now. Nelly is my assistant here and she’s doing some whitening on my other assistant, Nicole. And Nicole is very relaxed. She’s listening to some headphones and Nelly is going through the process right now of preparing the teeth for what’s called Kor Whitening. This whitening process, will, it’ll take you how long to do this Nelly? {3 sessions of, 20 minutes.}  So three sessions of 20 minutes, so approximately an hour of, being in the chair. She’ll be here, today. She is applying a solution to help desensitize the teeth first. And then because of the core whitening is something that is formulated to be used without a light it is very effective and it’s gentler than other types of processes. We actually have the ability to do it with the light. But we find that it’s a little bit less sensitive with this process that we’re doing. Right now, we’ve taken a pre shade of a shade B-1, which is a match pretty closely here. And we will probably expect to get a color that is quite significantly white after that. She’s going to basically be shiny.   We will do that as now he continues his process we’ll take a look at what it’s going to look like when she’s done, and we’ll kind of assess that.

Okay now the 20 minutes are gone and the first session is expired so I’m going to remove this Nicole turn this way a little bit so they can see it is packaged okay.  I already removed the gel on the upper teeth. And now, I am going to remove the suction, the gel. Like I said, the whole procedure is three, 20 minute sessions. So, first time applying the gel, second time is going to be very soon. But, first I have to remove the old gel, and even now you can see I’ll show you very shortly okay Nicole?  Nicole is great patient okay you know what this was the preliminary shade for her. It’s B-1. If we put it right next to the teeth.  You can see the difference, even in 20 minutes.  So we’ll see you a little bit later.  But once we’re done with the whitening we have to wait like a week for the real color to settle. So this is just for the time being.

So now he’s going ahead and, and mixing these up. This kor whitening works a little differently than some of the other products. This actually requires us to mix two different types of solutions. And mix them into each other, so that they activate. The on, the one difference with the core system, is that it, and other system works its refrigerated, and, that’s how they preserve it. The reason why it makes it less sensitive to hot or cold is because many other different whitening products have an acidic PH, in other words., they are acidic. They have a low PH. That low PH is used for preserve the materials. This core whitening, is, is a special product in that, it actually uses, a neutral PH. So it doesn’t make the teeth sensitive, okay, and it doesn’t itch the teeth. A low PH or acidic solution will actually itch the teeth and make them more sensitive. This material is different, in that, once again, it’s a neutral PH, so it doesn’t make them so sensitive and its preserved by using rigid refrigeration. When they send this product to us, it’s done in a Styrofoam container and dry ice. The whole process is made sure that it stays cold and very active. Okay? And that’s the key to making this a successful material. So, we have a number of different products available for whitening and if you would like to, if you’re not happy, let’s say you’ve had some whitening done in the past and you’re not happy. Well I think what’s really important is that you have professionals who are really willing to pay attention to the details of how something is to be done.

If the details are not followed through, then you’re not going to have quite the result. When this procedure’s done it has to be, if there’s any shortcuts that are made, then you will not get as, nearly as nice a result. You can see from Nicole’s example, that only after one time her teeth are very white. And it’s not because they are drying out right now, it’s because they’re actually getting whitened out. It’s not because they’re being heated up, from a lamp, from a light. It’s actually because they’re being whitened at this point in time, so we’ll see what the results will be like in a little bit.

Kor Whitening Demonstrated at Shelby Township Dental Office

So, if there is interest in Kor Whitening in Shelby Township give us a call please, at 586-247-3500. Thank you. Good job, Nelly.

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