The Gentle Dentist Office – Shelby Township

Our Shelby Township facility has been thoughtfully designed to be both modern and welcoming, treating you, our patient, as if you were a cherished guest in our home. Our primary goal is to ensure your comfort, both in our treatment rooms and throughout the office. With cozy seating, a coffee/tea bar, and the soothing sounds of Christian music gently playing in the background, we’ve created an ambiance where you might just find yourself wanting to linger a little longer after your dental appointment.

As soon as you step into the lobby of our Shelby dental practice, you’ll immediately notice the pristine cleanliness and welcoming openness of our office. A bright, friendly smile will always be there to greet you, and the warm, inviting voices of our Scheduling Coordinators will resonate as they answer the phone with, “Thank you for calling The Gentle Dentist, this is Lynn, how can I make you smile today?” This heartfelt welcome sets the tone for a pleasant and caring experience that reflects our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.

the Gentle Dentist Office
the Gentle Dentist office

In our treatment rooms, we embrace an open environment concept, where the reassuring message, “We would consider it an honor to pray for you, just ask,” is prominently displayed. This fosters a deeper connection between you and our team, nurturing a growing sense of trust. For those who may feel apprehensive due to past dental experiences, we offer headphones and nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” to help ease any discomfort and provide a more relaxed atmosphere. At The Gentle Dentist, we firmly believe that our welcoming environment and compassionate team are key to fulfilling our God-given calling in dental care.

The Gentle Dentist
15055 22 mile Rd. Ste #2
Shelby Township, MI 48315