Smiles for Life Teeth Whitening Program in Macomb County

I love yellow teeth, said no one.

Why is it that people don’t want yellow teeth?

Probably because it makes you look old. So, what do we find that’s very popular in our office at in Shelby Township, MichiganPeople requesting to have their teeth whitened.

Now this is the spring time and during spring time what do we have? We have proms, we have high school graduations, we have weddings, we have all kinds of different activities happening in the spring and through the summer. What better way of making yourself look better than to whiten your teeth?

Here’s the deal.

My name is Robert Antolak and I’m a Crown Council member which is a group of like-minded dentists throughout the country.  One thing that we do is called the Smiles for Life program. Smiles for Life is a program where 100% of the funds that are generated from whitening goes to children’s charities.

Here in Michigan, we help to support what’s called Sandcastles, which is a grief support group for children who have lost a loved one. Fifty percent of the money that’s generated from whitening goes to that program.

The other 50% goes to an organization that is all for children’s charities and it’s a nationally funded so many, many larger organizations are the recipients of this. So it’s a great program. It’s $250 to whiten your teeth which is actually less than our regular fee and once again, all the funds are donated to children’s charities. This goes on for a couple of months. So right now it is March. It goes through June. So please give us a call 586-247-3500.

Whiten your teeth and help a child smile at the same time. Thank you and have a blessed day.