Shelby Township Dentist Explains the Importance of Back to School CheckupsA new school year is approaching and parents are checking items off of their shopping list: binders, backpacks, pencils and more. When completing your back to school checklist, don’t forget to schedule a dental exam for your child. Preventative dental care can prevent missed days at school due to emergencies and toothaches.

The back to school season is often a busier time for dental offices in Shelby Township, so be sure to schedule an appointment if you have not already.

What to Expect at a Back to School Checkup

During a back to school dental check up, your dentist will perform a thorough cleaning, check for cavities, decay, discolored teeth, and examine your child’s jaw to ensure healthy growth.

If your child will be participating in any sports this year, your back to school exam is the perfect time to have a custom mouth guard fitted to prevent dental emergencies and even concussions.

Tips for a Successful Back to School Dental Exam

Ease Dental Anxiety

If your child has a fear of the dentist, try to make the experience fun and perhaps even provide a special treat such as a trip to the movie theatre or park after the dental visit. Also, ask your dentist how they can make your child feel comfortable and ease their anxiety. For example, The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township provides special music with noise canceling headphones and many other options for dental patients of all ages.

Ask About Low Cost Plans and Financial Arrangements

If you’re on a tight budget or you do not have dental insurance, many Shelby Township dentists can provide financial arrangements and affordable dental plans.

Dr Antolak from The Gentle Dentist offers the Gentle Dental Plan which includes 2 cleanings and 2 exams with x-rays every year. The cost is $247 per year and $187 per year for children 12 and under.

Often families will put off dental exams to save money but end up paying more in the long run due to expensive treatments that could have been prevented in a routine checkup. So be sure to make you and your child’s oral health a top priority.

Make it a Family Activity

Children should not be the only ones receiving a dental checkup, so schedule cleanings and exams for the entire family. In addition to parents keeping up on their oral health, they will set an example for their children. Also, participating in the dental exam experience can make your child feel more comfortable with their own exam if they see Mom and Dad are visiting the dentist too.

Schedule a Back to School Checkup with a Shelby Township Dentist

Looking for a new dental office to call home? Dr. Antolak provides general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry for everyone in the family in a comfortable, caring environment.  Schedule your dental visit with Dr. Antolak in Shelby Township today by calling 586-247-3500 or visit our website at


Should I Get Dental Implants - Yes or No?Healthy teeth are extremely important for a healthy individual. The teeth are not only crucial for biting and chewing food but also deeply influence a person’s personality and confidence. Furthermore, they also provide structure to the face.

A person can have severe damage to their teeth or even lose their teeth for several reasons. Decay or diseased gums or an accident can be some of the causes for tooth loss. People used to wear dentures or fixed bridges to compensate the missing teeth. But dental implants have become a better option, since they provide better adjusting and close to a natural feel. This permanent solution can help in overcoming the problem of the missing tooth.

When a missing tooth is not replaced and is left unattended, it can cause damage to the jaw. And if several teeth are missing the damage can be greater and the remaining teeth are also negatively influenced.

Like any other medical procedure, the doctors and the patient need to consider whether the dental implants are the best choice, and should the patient get the dental implants at all. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants that can help you decide if the procedure is for you or should you consider another alternate.

The Procedure for Dental Implants

The procedure for dental implants is comprised of several steps. Several specialist dentists will perform this procedure over a course of time. First, the dentist will insert the dental implant, a titanium screw. The dentists wait for the dental implant to fuse with the jawbone. Once the dental implant is completely fused, the dentists will put together the replacement tooth with the screw.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

The obvious advantages of dental implants are:

  • Dental Implants look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • They Look More Natural
  • Teeth replaced with dental implants don’t damage neighboring teeth unlike other procedures.
  • The jaw bone is protected from degenerating because dental implants have properly replaced the missing tooth, even the roots.
  • There are no chewing and speaking difficulties with this procedure.

The Disadvantage of Dental Implants

The dental implants are a great solution for tooth loss but there are some downsides to the procedure as well that need to be considered.

  • There can be surgical complications like damage to the sinus cavity or some nerves. The likelihood of complication is very slim when the surgery is performed by experienced professionals.
  • Since the procedure is performed in steps it takes a long time of up to 6 months.
  • If proper dental care is not taken, infection can happen.
  • Healing is delayed due to certain conditions, such as diabetes.
  • Dental implants are an expensive procedure.

The Bottom Line

Dental Implants are often the best treatment for tooth loss. Highly qualified and experienced dentists can help with making the decision regarding whether you should get dental implants or not.

Youtube:  Oral Cancer and Its Effects on Your Mouth

Oral Cancer and Its Effects on Your Mouth

Hi, this is Dr. Antolak at in Shelby Township, Michigan. What I’d like to discuss today is oral cancer and cancer in general, and its effect it has on the mouth.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it’s obviously a horrible time usually for families dealing with this potential life ending illness. When that takes place, a lot of things have to be done and the oncologist that you go to, hopefully will be really privy and aware that during any radiation therapy that’s done or even chemotherapy, these are intended to kill off cells in the body, fast growing cells.  Cancer cells are obviously fast growing cells.

Fast growing cells are also hair cells or hair follicles, and saliva glands that are in your mouth. When chemotherapy and radiation therapy takes place, that’s why people go without hair but also their mouth dries out.

So what are the implications of having this take place for the patient? I believe what’s very important is that when someone is diagnosed with cancer that they really get a thorough dental examination. Hopefully your oncologist will recommend a dentist to you and what’s important is getting this done in a very quick fashion. The reason why that is, is because they want a get on to that therapy pretty soon.

Well, if the mouth is not taken care of, if there are bad teeth in the mouth that seem to be problematic, because the fact that when salivary glands are knocked out it causes so many problems. You have a significant potential for getting cavities. Is if a tooth is as bad as it is, that cavity will just get worse. The problem is you can’t just take a tooth out when someone is on chemotherapy. If you do, because the immune system is really suppressed, there is a risk of having many, many potential complications from that.

The best way of dealing with this is taking care of all these urgent needs right away while the body has the ability to heal itself before it gets struck with all this chemotherapy and these very, very difficult days that would lay ahead.

Dry mouth because of the lack of saliva is another issue that takes place. But also there are many other things that can take place. For example, I put this brochure together. Increased chance of cavity, loss of taste, pain in your mouth. Of course, infections are much more prevalent.

So if you have gum disease, there might be an election to have teeth removed just so that, that area’s sealed off, and there’s no infection to the jawbone. You get jaw stiffness from this, and you get changes in your bone.

Sometimes when medications are given, for example, bisphosphonates, which are medications used for certain types of cancer, bone cancer. Once that takes place, the metabolism in the bone is altered, and therefore, once again, it’s difficult to manage patients who need to have any other additional

Oral Cancer and Its Effects on Your Mouth

So if there’s questions about that you can feel free to call me but I really recommend talking to your oncologist or your nurses who treat you or your loved one who will be going in for this care to make sure that there’s no potential of having a problem. If you’re not really current with your dental care please get in to see us or get in to see your own dentist if you have one because that itself could be a really challenging time for you.

If you have questions about oral cancer and its effects on your mouth, my phone number is (586) 247-3500. The website is Our dental office is in Shelby Township, Michigan. Thank you, and God bless.



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Gum Disease Discussed by Macomb County MI Dentist

Hi. My name is Dr. Robert Antolak, the dentist at in Shelby Township in Michigan, and I would like to focus on periodontal disease and what gum disease is.

Gum disease is something that affects about 50% of the adults in the United States. Gum disease is where you start losing bone that is around the teeth. When people have gum disease usually they are not even aware that they have it but they might start getting some areas that where the gums are receding and pulling up. The breath might smell bad. They may have bleeding of their gums when they try flossing, when they brush. These are all signs of gum disease.

Gum disease affects not only 50% of the people, but it’s even more common amongst people who smoke and those who are diabetic.  Recently I just got back from a seminar at the University of Michigan and it was a symposium on the current trends and treatments for gum disease.  What they had said was, and which confirms a lot of our findings that I have seen, is that those who smoke have gum disease and those who are diabetic and it’s vice versa. One supports the other. So, if someone has gum disease, usually they can have a chance of having diabetes. In fact, the other day I had a patient who I saw, young lady; she had bone loss around her teeth and I had recommended that she does a fasting glucose test through her physician so that they can possibly eliminate her of being a diabetic. She doesn’t have a family history of diabetes and so this is one way we can actually start to diagnose medical conditions.

These systemic conditions definitely affect people and if they can take care of their gum disease, it’ll also help them to regulate their other systemic problems.  Gum disease is an infection of the gums, like I said before. Let me just demonstrate here. I have a model that has this pink area. It’s, like, gum tissue here. And so what we do is, we will actually go around each tooth make a measurement of each one. This is called a periodontal probe. A periodontal probe is a mechanical device, and each of those increments is about 3 millimeters. Any area above 3 millimeters where gently probed, if it goes 4, 5, 6 millimeters. That means that you have bone loss around your teeth and when we have bone loss that usually means that the teeth are loose and there’s recession around it, and there’s also bacteria that’s growing below the gum line that causes the gum disease.

It is very important to have that taken care of the entire mouth have what’s called scaling and root planning to treat this. Scaling and root planning is a treatment where we will numb you up, and go around each tooth and clean using what’s called an ultrasonic, which kind of vibrates. And what it does is it uses ultrasonic energy to vibrate and get rid of the tartar and bacterial plaque that forms below the gums.

Another interesting thing about gum disease is there’s a genetic link.  You can have a genetic test done to see if you are more predisposed to gum disease. But the only way to positively do that is by going to your dentist and having them use this periodontal probe and going around your mouth and probing and making recordings based on them.  If your dentist is not doing that, then I would suggest either that you ask them, and/or get another dentist. Because this is something that needs to be regulated on a regular basis, is to have the gums probed and by usually a registered dental hygienist or the dentist.

Gum Disease Discussed by Macomb County MI Dentist

If this is something that you’re interested in having better health, especially for the new year, I would suggest that you give us a call. Our phone number is 586-247-3500. Our website is Thank you. Have a blessed day.



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Macomb County MI Dentist Explains the Importance of Dental Loupes

Hi, my name is Dr. Robert Antolak at We’re located in Macomb County, Michigan, in Shelby Township. In fact our office is on 22 Mile just west of Hayes, which is right on the border of Shelby Township and Macomb Township. So, I would like to talk to you a little bit about the detail that is apparent at our office.  I have been wearing what are called dental loupes, which are these, for probably a good 15 years or so. I’m amazed when I hear people ask why I am wearing those or if I find I go to maybe a convention or a seminar and people are not wearing these. It still kind of baffles me. So what I want to do is just describe the benefits of wearing dental loupes and what they do.

Loupes are magnifiers. They allow us as a dentist to see things. These that I’m wearing here are 4 times magnification. So if we see something that’s small, it looks 4 times the size with these magnified areas.  Also what it does is it allows for us to sit straight up and have a focal length right at the right distance for our arms when we provide dental care. We can’t get too close that way, because if we get too close, then it gets out of focus. So, it keeps our back straighter because back aches and back problems are probably one of the biggest risks for dentists for longevity. So I’ve been wearing this for a long time and it’s something I’ve gotten used to. But people do get kind of surprised. What I want to do is to demonstrate also with that is an LED light that goes right on the loop and what the LED light does is when we put the loop on, it gives us the ability to show just a very small range here of where things are lit. The importance is these lights are so bright that if it gets into our patient’s eyes then it really hurts them, it hurts their eyes. And, so this allows us to just to focus on my field of vision, which you saw there and that light only what I can see through my eyes. I have no peripheral vision really when I focus to those loops. So it just gives me very narrow area where I focus on.

The benefit of that is that once again that I can see things as it fills up my field of vision. I can focus right on that specifically. In fact, when I’m asked to look at something without them I go, oh my gosh, teeth are really small, you know. Not even realizing that I get so used to and accustomed to using those dental loops. Also, a really good benefit of having the light attached right to where this is here is its right in line with my vision. So for example, if I’m looking down a hole that light actually penetrates that hole in the same line of sight that my eyes are in. Very close to it.

So, that gives me the ability to see things in small areas which typically would be too dark. The light, even the best lights, we have like the best lights that you can get that are attached to go over our patient, these LED lights. They’re really excellent. They’re brand new technology. But they still don’t even come close to the level of vision that you can see with these lights that are mounted right on to the loops.

Macomb County MI Dentist Explains the Importance of Dental Loupes

If this is kind of detail that you would desire for you and your family then please you can feel free to give us a call. If you want to talk to me about more about loops that would be fine too but my phone number is 586-247-3500. At, thank you.



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Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cavities

Hi, this is Doctor Robert Antolak from The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township. Our phone number is 586-247-3500, and the reason why I’m giving you that contact information is because after you’re done listening to this, you’re going to feel compelled to give us a call.

What I want to talk about today is your cavities. A lot of people who surf the web are people in their twenties and their thirties, and they’re looking for a dentist. And I want to address you.

We have people in our office who come in, they have a lot of decay in their mouth, cavities are kind of taking over. What I want to do is explain why that is and what you can do about that.

Cavities form by bacteria that is in the mouth. The plaque that builds up on your teeth, that’s bacteria. When that bacteria comes in contact with sugars from candy, sugars from pop, the bacteria uses it as a food source and sugar kind of creates some kind of acid. That acid sits on your teeth and basically rots holes in the teeth over time.

What I want to do is talk a little bit about, what to do to prevent it and what to do to treat it.

The bacteria that sits on there. If it’s allowed to sit on there, every time you drink, every time you have a sip, the pH, the acidity level, goes up, the pH goes down, and that creates microscopic cavities. Over time, on the front teeth especially, the teeth might start looking a frosty white color. I use the analogy that frosty white color is like concrete that’s been painted, and all of a sudden you start seeing that paint pull away from the concrete. Well, it’s still painted, but now, if you go through and you, you brush your hand across it or put something to it, you’ll see it will flake right off. That’s what these white cavities are, the white ones that look bright white in color, that’s a cavity that’s forming. Underneath that area, there’s usually decay. So the most important thing right now is to learn about how to prevent it.

I know you like your pop, but even though you like it, it’s not good for you. Water is your best substitute for that. Water is really great because water is natural of course and it helps to neutralize those acids in the mouth. If you absolutely do need to drink pop, then what you want to do is do it with a meal. If you have to do that, do it through a straw. The straw will not put the acidity in the pop, and the sugar on the teeth that creates those cavities.

Also, it’s also not good to brush your teeth right away after you take a sip of your pop. What that does is there are organic fibers in the tooth structure itself, when you drink the pop and the acid, part of the minerals are pulled away from that and if you go ahead and brush it, those little fibers that are there will start breaking down, it will not re-attach with the mineral to the tooth. The re-attachment process takes place naturally between meals. Our saliva has the ability to buffer it to reduce the acidity level. It also has the ability with minerals that are in the saliva to re-heal those areas that have been affected. So that’s important. Also, using products with Xylitol is helpful. Fluoride is helpful. There are a number of different products and ways to help re-mineralize your teeth so they don’t become such an issue.

If it has become to that point where your teeth are hurting you, please feel free to give us a call. We will assess everything and see where things stand for you, but it is best if you really prevent it if you possibly can. For those people who are nervous we provide sedation dentistry with the gas and so this way we can help to get you where you want to be.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cavities

So, if this describes you, please take the information that I just said, and you use it for your own use. If you do need to reach us regarding cavities or any other matter, our phone number is 586-247-3500. Our website is, thank you.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cavities

Macomb County Dentist Explains the Importance of Planning for Cosmetic Dentistry

Hi, this is Doctor Antolak from in Shelby Township, Michigan, and what I’m holding here is a model, a diagnostic model of one of our patients. I do quite a bit of cosmetic dentistry, as you can see from our website, and we’ve actually been able to help a lot of people with their smile and improving it.

What I want to do is to show you on a detail of what we do before we start procedures which are more complex. As we take impressions of the mouth, that’s that kind of that gooey stuff that can go in the mouth, it captures a negative image of that. Then we take that and we pour that up in plaster.

This is a plaster model here, as you can see. These are made out plaster and it’s an exact duplicate of this patient’s mouth and what their teeth look like. What it does is, this is called an articulator. An articulator duplicates what it would be like in the jaw. So this shows the jaw joint here. If we need to move the teeth around so we can diagnose what the person’s problem is, then we can move the jaw in different directions. I can see forward and backward like this. We can move it from side to side. We can open and close it. What this does is allows us to look and see where the teeth are lined up and what potential problems they might have and it gives us an ability to have what’s called a working model. Something like this. We can do some prototype work so that when that patient comes into that room, we are ready to treat them and do their smile or implants, for example, because we have done it already and the details are worked out in the plan before anything is really done.

What’s important about that?

It’s so important to start with the end in mind. You have to start knowing what your result is going to be. So that you know what the next step is. I’ve had patients of mine that come to me and say they had this done and this done, and then they had had something redone because it wasn’t planned out properly. So what we do at our office is, we take plenty of information, you know we want to interview our patients, so that we will know what their desires are.

We don’t assume anything and so after we get done interviewing, we take photos, a lot of high definition photographs, so that we can see what their teeth look like. The position of the lip, the way the lip looks when they’re lips are at rest and relaxed, when they’re smiling, from either side. We take pictures of the jaws from the top or the bottom and what that does is it gives us a really great ability to see as if that patient was actually in the chair. Sometimes, we can even do more information once we have models like this, photographs and x-rays, to plan for the best result possible.

Once again, you have to start with the end in mind and that end is dictated by you, the patient,, who will tell us what you want for yourself, the way you want things to look.

Macomb County Dentist Explains the Importance of Planning for Cosmetic Dentistry

So, if this is the detail that you like and that interests you and if you want a dentist to sit and listen to you what your needs are and listen to what your concerns are, then please give us a call. Our phone number is 586-247-3500, or visit us at Thank you. Have a great day.

Macomb County Dentist Explains the Importance of Planning for Cosmetic Dentistry

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Oral Cancer

Question:  I continuously hear about the effects of cigarettes  and the damage they cause.    My husband died 2 years ago from an oral cancer that his dentist first discovered.   He  suffered tremendously and now I believe my granddaughter is smoking.  I have fear that these cigarettes will eventually harm her.  I don’t know what to do but need to do something.

Answer:  I am sorry that you lost your husband from this deadly and extremely contagious habit.  Here are some statistics that concur with your concerns.  Unfortunately, there are many factors that oppose parents and concerned grandparents such as yourself.

Unlike other companies that manufacture consumer goods, tobacco companies do not compete by cutting prices. They compete on the public’s emotional level by creating enticing images that people wish to pursue for themselves. Kids are particularly vulnerable to these seductive images. They believe that if they smoke they’ll appear thinner, more glamorous, more macho, more mature.  And unfortunately, what starts out as adventurous experimentation often results in a deadly addiction.

Each day, over 3,300 kids become regular smokers. Of these, one-third will eventually die of a tobacco-related disease.

The average age for first-time smoking is twelve. Joe Camel is this decade’s single most effective ad campaign targeting children; this smoking cartoon character was found to be as recognizable to kids as Mickey Mouse.

Each day, at least 4,800 adolescents (age 11 to 17) try their first cigarette. The number climbs to 5,500 if you include youth 18 to 20 years old.

Four and a half million kids between the ages of 12 and 17 are regular smokers.

Unless current rates are reversed, more than five million children under the age of 18 will die from diseases related to smoking.

Nearly 90 percent of adult smokers began smoking at or before age eighteen.

Tobacco marketing is a major factor in persuading kids to begin smoking—twice as influential as peer pressure, the culprit the tobacco industry usually seeks to blame.

The most popular brands of cigarettes among youth—Marlboro, Camel and Newport—account for 86 percent of the teenage cigarette market. These brands are also the most heavily advertised, portraying images of slim, attractive young women and rugged, handsome men.

Tobacco is considered to be a “gateway drug.” This means its use is likely to pave the way for use of other illicit drugs. About 65 percent of cocaine users started by smoking cigarettes, and about 50 percent followed tobacco use with alcohol and marijuana.

Seventy percent of teens who smoke report that they are addicted and regret ever having started.

It is basically a war that we are faced with and the best influence you can have on your granddaughter is to be honest but not come across as lecturing.

What are her parent’s view of smoking?  You may need to get them involved.   You may want to get her dentist the “heads up” and he/she can give her information that may help to influence her to make a decision that would affect her for the rest of her life.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Oral Cancer

Update for the 2013Dental/Medical/Orphanage Mission trip:

Members of Faith Lutheran Church in Troy, Shepherd’s Gate in Shelby Twp. and Trinity Lutheran church in Utica came together to serve at an orphanage and church in Haiti.   We had 23 people on this trip including 2 physicians, a pharmacist and dentist.  About 800 people were treated in the medical side and I saw about 152 adults and children.  We cleaned people’s teeth, removed 227 teeth and did about 66 fillings and other procedures.  If we could put a value on the dentistry we performed it would be around $40,000 worth of care.   Most of the patients we treated had never seen a dentist before so their need was great.  In a town of 80,000 people there is only one part time dentist!  Needless to say, we were very popular and in high demand seeing about 30-35 people per day.  We prayed over the people we saw and the love of Jesus was experienced.  I want to thank our patients and readers who prayed for us as this was a great trip.

I want to thank our current patients who donated money to the orphanage.  They did this giving us old dental crowns that were removed during procedures which required the removal of their old crown or bridge.  I would ask them if they wanted to donate the metal in the crown for the Haitian orphanage.  If they said yes we saved these old crowns and sent them in once to be recycled.  The accumulation of these small donations added up to $2200.  I gave the pastor this money in cash to be used for the 71 orphans.  This seemingly useless old crown they donated was put to good use helping to bring up Christian leaders in a country that needs a new hope.  If you have any old crowns you have been holding on to or even old jewelry please bring it in and I can assure that all of the money will go into a pool and be donated the next trip which will most likely be in the end of this year or the beginning of next.

If you have any other questions that you would like me to answer on this forum please contact me by calling (586)247-3500, email me at or writing the office at: Ask the Gentle Dentist  15055 22 Mile #2, Shelby Twp. MI 48315.  Thank You.

Update for the 2013Dental/Medical/Orphanage Mission trip



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Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from, in Shelby Township, Michigan586-247-3500 is our phone number. I bet you’re wondering what the heck I’m holding here, aren’t you? Well, this is called an articulator, and this device right here is called a face bow. And what these are used for is to accurately mount a plaster duplication of someone’s jaw and teeth.

This is required because it gives us a more accurate impression and a more accurate, what we call a mounting, so that the results that we do for our patients are more accurate and precise.  So, if this is something that would need to be done, we would actually put wax on this top of this here. Soft wax that would go in the valve and it goes like this, okay. And then goes right up to the ears and goes in the ear canal. And what we do is we adjust these things here; we adjust this back and forth so, then we create the relationship between, right here is where the ear canal is and right here is where the upper teeth are. Then we take that and we mount, we take it off of here and then we place it on here and then we mount the teeth to there, and so what that does- it creates an accurate 3-dimensional duplication of our patient, so with that I can take that information and then transfer to our laboratory. And then when they make it, they can have very accurate representation of ways the jaw moves back and forth and how it moves up and down.  So it goes back and forth like that and then we can do a mounting and that type of thing.

This is the type of work here that we do. We communicate with our laboratory in Macomb County, Michigan; actually, it’s called Macomb Dental Ceramics. So it’s just located a few miles from our office so we can do this accurate information, and get a very good result using our digital cameras for pictures, and also for this type of accuracy in those cases for different cosmetic procedures.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cosmetic Dental Procedure

So if you’re interested in the level of care that I’m talking about, to get a good favorable cosmetic result in your dentistry, then you can give us a call at 586-247-3500. Thank you.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Question:   I find that some foods have become difficult to chew and swallow. Do I really need to eat the same amount or variety of food that I did when I was younger?

Answer:    Maintaining proper nutrition is important for everyone, young or old. Many older adults do not eat balanced diets and avoid meats, raw vegetables and fresh fruits because they have trouble chewing or swallowing. These problems can be caused by painful teeth, ill-fitting dentures, dry mouth or changes in facial muscles. Others find their sense of taste has changed, sometimes due to a disease or certain medications. Because of these and other factors, the diets of older adults are often lacking in calcium, protein and other nutrients essential to dental and overall health. You need a balanced diet based on the five food groups—milk and dairy products; breads and cereals; meats and dried beans; fruits; vegetables. You may need a multi-vitamin or mineral supplement, but do not be your own doctor. Use these supplements only after discussion with your physician.

Also, the food supplements such as Ensure contain a high percentage of sugar.   If you are a diabetic, contact your physician to make sure it is OK for you to use these as it could affect your health.  I know you don’t have your teeth any more, but if you did these supplements can be very damaging to the teeth.  I have seen patients who have dissolved their teeth because they sip on these products on a routine basis.

If you have any questions for future issues, please contact me by phone (586)573-4500, fax  (586)573-7704 or e-mail  You can also visit our web site for additional information

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses NutritionThe Gentle Dentist Logo



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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Shelby Township, Michigan – Part 2 Graphic

Dr. Antolak: We have removed both of the lower wisdom teeth already. Now the top ones that we need to do next those are actually a little bit easier. Typically we don’t need to actually put a stitch in those. And so what it does is the cheek will keep that flap that’s there on hold. And we don’t normally have to reflect that flap so much. Okay. So, they are numb them up really well here. And so you just have to go up a little higher and a little differently. I am sure you are pretty numb, Marshall. And this is sitting behind his tooth, so you are not going to really be seeing anything. It is all based on feel for me. You are going to feel some pressure.  So this one, I am going to take this out. Open a little bigger. And then this one and like I said it’s all based on feel. But it’s sitting way up high. Marshall, close down a little bit. Not too far. I don’t want my finger bitten. Good job.  So, you’re going to feel some pressure.  A lot of pressure Marshall. You okay?

There it is right there. The bone is much less dense on the top then on the bottom jaw.  So, I got to take that stack out again. And let’s see what you’ve got going on here. Don’t pass out on me.  Not you Marshall, you’re okay. This I’ll have to put a stitch in there.  Marshall once again a little pressure. Open a little wider please? So, we’ll just be on that last tooth as you can see. There we go, close down a little bit please. And you’re going to feel some pressure here, okay? Open. There it is. There you go. That’s all four wisdom teeth. So you did great Marshall, I’m going to just put a little stitch in there. You did great with it. He’s going to have to use some ice on the side for his lower ones so it limits the swelling and he should be good with that so . Thanks have a good day.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Shelby Township, Michigan – Part 2 Graphic

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