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Question:  My dentures don’t feel as comfortable as they once did. Before I see the dentist, should I try some different products myself to try to improve them?

Answer: Your dentures were made to fit precisely. If they are cared for properly, they do not change shape. They can become loose due to natural changes in the gums and bone supporting them. As the jawbone begins to shrink, so do the gums. When your dentures do not fit properly, see your dentist as soon as possible so adjustments can be made. Do not try to change the fit of your dentures yourself. This can damage them and make them un-repairable. This could be a costly experiment! Ill-fitting dentures repaired at home can irritate the gums, tongue and cheeks. In emergencies, denture adhesives can be used to keep the dentures stable until you see the dentist. If your denture is loose, have your dentist check it.

Uncomfortable Dentures are Addressed by Shelby Township Dentist

If your dentures are uncomfortable, please call our Shelby Township office at 586-247-3500.

Uncomfortable Dentures are Addressed by Shelby Township Dentist