Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from thegentledentist.com, we’re in Shelby Township, Michigan.  Our phone numbers (586) 247-3500.  We have a number of unique processes at the Gentle Dentist that we do here in the office. Not unique in that it’s not done in dentistry, it’s just not a lot of dentists do them.  And that’s unfortunate because we have actually some pretty unique opportunities for people who have kind of compromised situations in their mouths.

We have done a number of cases like this. This is called overdenture and sometimes people come in their office when they don’t have any teeth or they are missing a number of teeth, but they have their eye teeth are still remaining in their mouths. The eye teeth are the strongest teeth in the mouth. This is showing a lower jaw right here. It’s called an overdenture and many times it will come in and the dentist will have plan to have all other teeth removed including this eye teeth.  What these eye teeth do is they give us the opportunity to now use them.  In for example these are the teeth that are retained, we actually remove the nerve out of both of those eye teeth and we place a component called a snap right down here and it goes right into the root of the tooth. And right, right into tooth there. And then, inside of the denture itself. We can make a denture for them. And inside that denture, it has a couple of female snaps to snap over the top of these attachments that are cemented into the root stubs right there. And what it does is it will actually snap down in place. And then it can then remain, and not move around.

Like I said, this is great for people who may only have maybe a couple of teeth remaining, they have cavities and has to have their teeth out because of decay, and we can do some things once again, to just remove the nerve out of the tooth. It sounds bad but once you’re numbed up, you’re not going to know any difference with that. And then we just actually trim those off right at the gum line and we cement those crowns, and this is, we cement those attachments inside there. And this is just like having an implant done, except it’s your only natural tooth where the implant is being done. So this is a unique process we have. We have many, many, many very happy patients we’ve been able to treat this way with these attachments, so, if this might describe you or someone you know who has just a few teeth remaining on the lower, it gives us the ability to, once again to make a full denture, and to give the teeth a full natural smile. But if you have someone you know who’s like this, please give them this message, and have them give us a call for a free consultation.  My phone number’s 586-247-3500. Thank you.

The Gentle Dentist Provides Unique Dental Techniques in Macomb County, Michigan