Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan. What I’d like to do is speak to you about emergency dental care. At our office, we try to make ourselves available to those people who are having dental emergencies. And normally, dental emergencies happen at the most inopportune time. So if you’re trying to reach us during off hours we’ll definitely get back with you as soon as we can.

Dental emergencies are basically two or three different types of emergencies. One is traumatic, and that is if you get into accidents of some sort where you can break off your tooth and then you see either have that repaired or if you have an emergency with tooth actually falls out. Rinse that out and place it right back into that socket that where it came from. That’s the best of taking care of your problem with that. The other type of dental emergencies that we do have are when someone has had a filling missing or a big hole in the mouth. And all of a sudden, the thing develops into a bad toothache. Well that toothache is from the bacteria that’s in the mouth getting to the nerve. And then it goes from the nerve into the bone. And as it gets into the bone, it creates an infection, and that infection creates pressure inside of the jawbone. And that’s a dental emergency that gets that taken care of.

And the third type’s is where you normally see is where somebody has gum disease and they have bone loss around their teeth. Well they might get some food caught in that area or even around wisdom teeth, where food gets caught in that area, and blows the wisdom teeth up. It hurts and then they have to have something to deal with the pain. There’s a few different ways of dealing with emergencies that do take place over the counter remedies are obviously pretty limited.  But the most important thing is to get the dentist as quickly as possible.

So, if you have an emergency and you can wait to go to the dentist. We’d love to see you. Give us a call at 586-247-3500. If it’s a true emergency, and needs immediate attention, you might want to get to your local hospital call them.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

The Gentle Dentist Discusses Emergency Dental Care in Shelby Township, Michigan