Everyone was very friendly and sensitive to my needs. Everything was done in a  professional way.Even though I was late for my appointment because of an emergency situation, upon my arrival, I was treated so warmly. The staff was just wonderful, and they took as much time as was needed, just as though I was on time. I never felt that they were rushing me out. I felt so blessed to have found their business.It was a beautiful experience, from start to finish.

– K. A.
Rochester Hills, Michigan Dental Patient

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Shelby Township Dental Patient Gives Testimony

Hi. This is Doctor Antolak from thegentledentist.com. We’re located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number, if you’re interested is 586 247 3500. Today, Helene had agreed that we could record this, and then put this on YouTube. And it was interesting. She comes in and about maybe 8 months ago, 10 months ago, we did some dentistry on her and you were just reporting, you came back to get your teeth cleaned and you’re just reporting the situation that took place, and I just asked you, maybe we can just get this, capture this, and you can share that with us. So if you don’t mind just kind of retelling that story, I’d appreciate it.

So where should I start?  Well, it had a picture taken for a church directory.  And I wouldn’t smile in it, and it really came out awful. And I was very self-conscious because my teeth were all crooked up here, and the one stuck out. And so, it really I paid to have all these pictures taken and they looked awful. I just threw them away after paying a couple hundred dollars. So when I came here, Dr. Antolak said, we can fix those front teeth, and so he did extensive work. It was very comfortable, like I was telling somebody on Sunday, it was really was, you know, I said put a pillow behind my head, and headphones with music and it was really nice it was. It was long, but it I told him, my main concern was pain in the front, and he said, I won’t hurt you, and I said I’ve had dental work done before where I’ve had shots here, and I almost jumped out of the chair.  And so, he kept his word, it did not hurt.

It’s really made a difference. I remember the first time somebody came at me with a camera, afterwards. I made a big smile. It’s the first time I’m smiling, because my teeth. And I told them that when they took the picture and then this past Sunday I was having lunch with some friends. After church we meet. And who’s your dentist? I said what? She says I have a friend that needs extensive dental work done and I like yours. I told her you had it done and how nice it looks. In my wallet I did have a card and I gave it to her.

We appreciate that. Yeah. But you know, the part that. I appreciate telling that story, too because I know a lot of times, these can be, be kind of, you know, personal, and a long time. And I know that people who are listening to this, too, that you have issues that feel like I’m not available to be taken care of and rectified, and even the part about numbing you up, I tell the story that 28 years ago, when I was in dental school, that my instructor told me. He said that if you’re going to do the best job that you can with your patients for your career, and that’s been 25 years ago since I graduated, he said numb yourself up here right in the very front and I did. I took his advice. And I realized, you’re right, it hurts. But, it was my desire to not make it hurt. So I figured out techniques that will not make it hurt.  We develop trust that you would believe what I say at that point in time. So that’s really important to me, and I appreciate you coming forward and letting me know. Now, as far as your dentistry goes, there are a number of things that can be done in our office. The most important thing is finding out what your needs are and then helping you to solve what the issues are and then allowing yourself to smile again and not feel bad about your smile.

Well, you know, I was concerned also about the cost. And so with making arrangements, through the care credit, that worked out fine too. You know, it is all paid, but I had the opportunity to make payments instead of coming up with money all at once; this economy and everything else that we are in financially.

Shelby Township Dental Patient Gives Testimony

So, if this is the type of care you want someone who’s not going to throw just things at you, but really work with you.  I believe that you’d be wise in giving us a call. We’re in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number, or thegentledentist.com. Thank you, and have a blessed day. Thank you so much.

Shelby Township Dental Patient Gives Testimony

The Gentle Dentist Logo

“I had my first cleaning at Dr. Antolak’s office today. Margie provided me with the first “Gentle” cleaning I have ever had. Usually this is a painful and long process for me, but not with Margie. In and out in less than an hour also. Thank you Margie, and for the first time I can truly say, I’m looking forward to my next cleaning in August. (A first for me)!”

Tim U.
Dental Patient from  Clinton Twp, Michigan (Macomb County)

“I called Dr. Antolak’s office because I had heard from 2 friends that he was truly a gentle dentist. I had a tooth that was causing me pain and after an exam he preformed a root canal to relive it. Very caring and his office is equipped with the latest technology. I especially liked the digital x-ray machine.”

Tim U.
Dental Patient from Clinton Twp, Michigan (Macomb County)

“My son had two wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Antolak today. He has Asperger’s and was very anxious. Dr. Antolak was able to keep him calm and make the experience pain free for him. The numbness has now worn off and my son continues to have no pain. I am thrilled that Dr. Antolak was able to make this experience a positive one for my son!”


This was my first time at the office, and came from some negative dental experiences so I hated going to the dentist. Today I was very impressed by all staff…so personable and professional! I love the Christian environment and music! Not to mention the dental care given was excellent as well. Thank you!”

Stephanie A.
Dental Patient from  Shelby Twp, Michigan (Macomb County)

“Let’s just say it’s been too long since my last trip to the dentist. So I was a basket case when I arrived. From my first step in the door I was treated like the only patient in the office. The staff is extremely friendly & professional. Dr.Antolak made sure I was relaxed & ok with every step & procedure. My next dental appointment is already scheduled, & I have to admit, I’m secretly looking forward to it. Thanks for changing my mind about the dentist.”

Kelly G.
Dental Patient from Shelby Twp, Michigan (Macomb County)

“Our family has been blessed to find the Gentle Dentist office. Dr. Antolak not only provides the best dentistry, he also educates, cares and even prays with his patients. What used to be a fearful experience for me has been replaced with a positive experience where I have come to appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, caring staff, and professional services I receive at their office. I highly recommend The Gentle Dentist.

Debbie C.
Dental Patient from  Clinton Twp, Michigan (Macomb County)

“After a few years of neglecting my dental health, and much research when I decided to finally address my issues, I am extremely happy to have found the office of the Gentle Dentist. The office staff’s demeanor has been amazing. I am not only at ease, but treated so kindly I find myself facing the world with in a kinder, gentler way. The world would be a better place if everyone we met throughout the day treated us this way. It’s the way things should be.”

Kelly E.
Dental Patient from  Allenton, Michigan (St. Clair County)

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