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I have a hockey helmet and I have a mouth guard. The reason why I have these items out is I want to talk  about safety.

I have been playing hockey three to four times a week for over twenty years I always wear a mouth guard.

This is custom-made mouth guard that we make here at our Shelby Twp dental office. We can make so that it perfectly fits your mouth.  You might talk a little bit different but it fits in your mouth perfectly, doesn’t affect your ability to breathe or talk, it doesn’t come out and it’s very comfortable.

Sports Mouthguards to Protect Your Teeth - Shelby Township Dentist

Sports Mouthguards to Protect Your Teeth – Shelby Township Dentist

Mouth guards are important for safety in hockey and many other contact sports.  They not only help prevent the breakage of teeth in the case you are hit, but more than anything, they provide a relief for concussions.  If the lower jaw is hit and it slams into the upper jaw or teeth, this can cause a shock in the brain which can cause some concussion signs.

Nowadays concussions need to be dealt with seriously.  We know that after so many concussions, athletes are basically taken out of the sport and not allowed to continue just because of their own brain safety and so they don’t develop further problems.

So here is how mouth guards work. You need at least about three millimeters of a flexible cushion between the top and bottom teeth in a mouth guard. The beauty of a custom-made mouth guard is not only do they fit well, they basically snug right in.  We can smooth down the edges, and even adjust the bite part in the back so that your teeth come together naturally.

I still wear a mouth guard when I play hockey in addition to a full cage that protects my face from a stick, puck or anything else.

So I wear a combination of both.  I am one of few who actually were both a cage and mouth guard on the ice. I don’t get paid enough to risk my eyes, teeth or anything else because they are really valuable. So if you, one of your children or spouse play a contact sport, I would really encourage you to get a mouth guard.

Under Armour makes really some nice athletic mouth guards.  They don’t fit as well as a custom made mouth guard like we’re talking about, which is made at your dentist.  But they do work fairly well. At least get something in there so at least if a blow comes to the head it provides enough cushion and will protect the brain.

Also, in case you’re hit straight on a mouth guard will distribute the force from one tooth to a number of the teeth and hopefully protect a tooth from chipping or even coming out.

Looking for a Shelby Township Dentist to Create a Custom Mouth Guard?

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