Sonicare and ShowerFloss at The Gentle Dentist – Shelby Twp

Hi, this is Dr. Antolak  from in Shelby Township, Michigan. (586)247-3500 is our phone number.

There are a few dental products that we highly recommend in our office.  We are approached all the time by different vendors and sales people to distribute products to our dental patients. The reality is that people usually don’t want to go shopping for something.  Because we’re an entrusted partner in their oral health, they like to trust us that we made the right decisions for them.

There’s 2 outstanding products that we recommend in our office. One is the Sonicare.  I’m sure most of you know what the Sonicare is.  There are numbers of different other electronic brushes but I prefer this. Not only myself, but hygienists who have access to many of these different electric products.

The beauty of the Sonicare is that it’s just a push button, and it actually vibrates so fast that you can’t see that its moving, but it’s vibrating in my hand.  You just hold it there and it has a timer on it.  Just hold it in the corrected position.  So If we are working on the top teeth, it’s a 45 degree angle.

Let’s say if my finger is my teeth and then the gums are here. And you just do it like this, way up to that area. Because it vibrates, it does a significantly better job than you could ever do manually when you brush your teeth.

So it has the ability to penetrate deep into the pockets below the gum line with a sonic action and it really does work. It introduces oxygen to the area.  The bacteria that cause gum disease can’t tolerate oxygen, so this does a really great job of penetrating 2 to 3 millimeters below the gum line. So I recommend the Sonicare. We have them for sale here. We actually have the best price around  because my intention is not to make a profit on it. It’s to really provide our patients with the best types of devices for themselves.

The other thing that we recommend is called the ShowerFloss. The ShowerFloss is a device that we can actually hook up to your shower and it’s really convenient.

Here’s why it’s convenient. Let’s take a Waterpik for example.  You have to set it on the counter of your bathroom.  Most of those bathroom counters are full of stuff as it is. And with a Waterpik, you end up getting your mirror dirty because that stuff splashes everywhere.

What better place to clean your teeth than your shower where there’s water available? You don’t care if water gets everywhere in the shower. It’s a perfect place for it. It’s very convenient.

So, the ShowerFloss is this device here. We have this attachment right here as you can see. That attachment will actually fit around the end of your shower. It’s got a little diverter. You move the diverter and you open it up. Then it starts shooting water out of this hose.  At the end of the hose is this little tip (which is the same thing as in a water pick.)  Here is this little blue tip.  You can see it right there.

So you basically go between your teeth with this on.  You are taking a shower, it’s nice and warm and the water goes through there and it shoots between your teeth.  Just keep using it throughout your teeth.  Get all of your teeth on the outside, then on the outside of the bottom teeth , and then on the inside of the teeth.  This will create a pulse and will push water in through that area. Once again, ShowerFloss introduces oxygen into the gum area, which helps to kill off the bacteria that normally would thrive without oxygen to create the disease in our mouth.

Not only is it good for adults who have gum disease, but it’s great for kids who have braces. When you have braces, you get food in there. That can cause cavities. So ShowerFloss shoots the water through there.

Sonicare and ShowerFloss at The Gentle Dentist – Shelby Twp

So these are a couple of dental products that I’d recommend for almost all of our patients. Maybe not denture patients because they don’t need it . But anyone who has teeth, I would recommend both the Sonicare and the ShowerFloss to get the best oral hygiene you can have and have a nice fresh smile. Thank you. If you’d like any more information, or would like to see the level of care that you’d receive from our office, our phone number is (586) 247-3500. Thank you, have a blessed day.