Snap on Smile Testimony in Shelby Township, Michigan

Shelby Township Dentist: Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from in Shelby Township, Michigan. The phone number is (586) 247-3500. And one thing that we do in our office is something called the snap on smile. Snap on smile has a number of functions to it. But basically, if someone comes in, this is not Veronica’s mouth, but if it were, this is what her teeth would look like.

So, basically, we’ve got teeth here, missing teeth, and the Snap on Smile is made. It’s all one piece. It’s very, very durable; you can actually use it where it snaps over the teeth. So we can change and lengthen teeth. We can fill in the gaps on some of the teeth and we do it with just one component. It’s not a permanent solution, but it’s one that does last a while, and we’ve been able to have some very favorable results with the Snap on Smile.

One very unique indication we’ve had is with Veronica and I asked if we could just do an interview about some of the things that have taken place for her. Veronica came in and we’ve been seeing you for how many years now?

Shelby Township Dental Patient: About 2 years.

Shelby Township Dentist: A couple years. So you’ve had it for a couple years. And one issue that you had was your jaw. Because she has some bad jaw problems and some arthritis in her jaw joint. So the only way she could really function was with her lower jaw pushed forward slightly to take the pressure off the jaw joint and for her to be at ease. I remember you came in one time with a dental quote of thousands and thousands of dollars.

Shelby Township Dental Patient: Yep, $25,000.

Shelby Township Dentist: $25,000 and I looked and we started discussing it, that you had an issue more with your jaw joint, more than anything. You were using something to keep your jaw forward when you sleep, but then during the daytime you weren’t using it because you have to function. So, a very unique concept that we had was, I thought, “my gosh, why don’t we use a Snap on Smile, and we’ll design it to keep your jaw moved forward for your lower jaw and your lower teeth.” Right?

Shelby Township Dental Patient: Yep.

Shelby Township Dentist: Tell us how that worked out for you.

Shelby Township Dental Patient: I’m a schoolteacher, and I can teach all day, and I don’t have jaw pain.
My jaw is able to be relaxed and it’s very comfortable. I think it works great.

Shelby Township Dentist: Yeah. I mean, this is as best as it can for you because you do have some issues with that. But without it you would not be able to even…

Shelby Township Dental Patient: No, I wouldn’t be able to talk.

Shelby Township Dentist: You wouldn’t even be able to talk?

Shelby Township Dental Patient: Yep.

Shelby Township Dentist: So this is a really interesting… Thank you for letting us videotape you, for doing this, too. But it’s a testimony that we can become creative in some of the types of things that we have available to us for different purposes that are not always what the intention is.

For this case, we really helped you in two manners. Number one was, we helped you with your lower teeth, and to make them look better. And number two was, we were able to position your jaw forward so you can go behind wearing the one at night time that you normally would wear. Then, this one, for function, so people don’t even know that you have anything like that going on.

Shelby Township Dental Patient: Yep, it works. Doing a great job.

Shelby Township Dentist: Doing a great job. You’re so good. So thank you.

Snap on Smile Testimony in Shelby Township, Michigan

If there are any questions about the Snap on Smile or any other types of dental procedures at our office, we do most everything, in house, give us a call. Our phone number is 586-247-3500, and our website is Thank you.

Snap on Smile Testimony in Shelby Township, Michigan

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