Porcelain dental veneers are very conservative restorations to whiten teeth, fill in missing spaces, add length to teeth and to give an overall smile enhancement.  In this video you will see how we made a drastic changes in our patient’s appearance by using only 6 porcelain veneers bonded to her teeth.  We were able to do a tooth lengthening procedure and also closed the spaces with a very light porcelain.  These are long lasting, strong and will not stain.  for a beautiful smile that will last for many years consider having veneers done for your cosmetic enhancement since a smile is the thing most noticed by friends and colleagues. 

Dr. Antolak treats his dental patients in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you are treated like a guest in the home.  His motto is to “relax while we take care of your smile”. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and general dentistry using sedation dentistry if necessary for his high fear patients. He has been treating patients for the past 21 years and is located in Shelby Township, Macomb county Michigan