Shelby Twp. Cosmetic Dentist Talks About New Developments in Dentistry

There are many developments taking place in dentistry, nutrition and overall health. I will attempt to bring you the latest information as I discover it and as it rolls across my desk or in a journal. Because of technology and research there is an overall increase in the health of the average American and the life expectancy is increasing over the last few decades, we are in a very exciting time.

Are you putting off going to the dentist or are you finally going to start to become invested in your health? When I interview those who have avoided their treatment usually state that fear is the primary reason why they have avoided going to the dentist. The fears that these people talk about evolved when they were a small child or teenager and had a horrible experience. It amazes me to reflect in how dentistry is today in comparison to the way it was back 40-50 years ago. In general, the dental profession is more in tune with the individual needs of the patient.

  • Anesthesia is newer and much more effective. The “shot” is virtually pain free.
  • Fillings are white and strengthen the teeth. They are natural looking and are much smaller and conservative.
  • Oral sedation is available so those who have extreme fear can be treated in a relaxed fashion with little memory of the procedure.
  • Using lasers to detect cavities well before they are observed by traditional methods.
  • Digital x-rays instantly show up on a computer using 10% of the radiation.
  • Replacement of missing teeth with implants is pain free and can be done without affecting other teeth for support.
  • Periodontal Disease treatments can reduce the risk for heart disease, diabetes, low weight babies and other systemic problems.
  • Minimal invasive dentistry embraces the concept that “less is better”, thereby leaving more of the natural tooth for support while improving the appearance and health of our patients.

This year why don’t you move forward and help yourself by getting your mouth and health checked out?

Shelby Twp. Cosmetic Dentist Talks About New Developments in Dentistry

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