Shelby Township Dentist Uses Overdentures to Support a Full Denture

Hi this is Dr. Antolak from we’re located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number is 586-247-3500. And I would like to talk to you a little bit about a procedure that’s called an overdenture. What an overdenture is, is where you have a couple of natural teeth remaining and a way we can use those 2 teeth to actually snap a denture over the top of it. And so Gary…how’d you find out about us exactly? I can’t recall.

Dental Client: I found you on the internet actually.

Dr. Antolak: On the internet.

Dental Client: Yeah.

Dr. Antolak: What did you search out when you did that?

Dental Client: Well, I had a problem with another dentist.

Dr. Antolak: Okay.

Dental Client: I had to get dentures, and the ones they made did not fit. And I was looking around to see if there was an alternative, and I found that there was, called Overdenture.

Dr. Antolak: Right.

Dental Client: I didn’t want a loose fitting denture. That’s one thing I couldn’t handle. I have a bad gag reflex, so I found this snap in type of denture. And I looked it up and and saw your website. So I started looking around and came in and made an appointment to see you. And you explained it thoroughly and here we are today.

Dr. Antolak: Great, great. I appreciate you doing this interview with us on TV and camera. So what it basically is, using a natural tooth as an implant would be and there’s a little step. So, Gary had agreed that he would take his lower one out and just kind of show and you can just kind of pin right in there. You might just pop it in, lo and behold. Okay, go ahead.

When inside there is a couple of attachments, you can see a loop haunch there.

Those are, and if even look in his mouth a little bit here. Okay, open a little bit? You can see those are his natural teeth there. Those are a couple of his natural teeth and right there, there’s these little attachments on each side tha hold those in place. And so you want to place that in again. Inside the lower denture we actually made a metal, on the inside it’s metal to keep it strong so it won’t break. So he just popped it in and you’re able to use it pretty well.

Are there any other restrictions on what you’re able to eat?

Dental Client: No, nothing at all. In fact when I first got home, I got an Apple, which was amazing.

Dr. Antolak: Because he came in, the first time, and actually had 4 of the 5 teeth that were saved. And they made something where they made a denture with the teeth, right? And you were so unhappy with it. You felt defeated. But it was nice to know that there was something we could do to use his natural teeth to help add that as a support to snap the dentures in and obviously eat the food he wants to and he doesn’t even have the top one is not even there either.

Dental Client: What do you call that? Open?

Dr. Antolak: Yeah, it’s like an open pallet. So the roof of the mouth is open so he can taste food better with that. There are no issues with the gagging. And what’s nice is we use the 2, just 2 of the eye teeth in the front here to help snap that top one in and retain it that way. So, as long he does a good job of keeping them clean and coming back here on a regular basis to keep things clean, there’s no reason why these can’t last years and years and years. So anyway, if that’s something you’re interested, if you do have some of your natural teeth remaining, we can use those natural teeth once again to help use it to snap on.

It makes nice harmony for all of the rest of the teeth to fit and work correctly

Shelby Township Dentist Uses Overdentures to Support a Full Denture

So, if you think you may need overdentures, our phone number is 586-247-3500. Thank you very much for the interview.

Shelby Township Dentist Uses Overdentures to Support a Full Denture