Shelby Township Dentist Explains Snap-On Smile

Dr. Antolak: Hi this is Dr. Antolak from in Shelby Township in Michigan. Our phone number’s 586-247-3500. And I would like to talk with Jerry. Jerry is a patient of ours who came in and he had an interest. He saw the Snap-On Smile on a video that he saw.

Dental Client: A website.

Dr. Antolak: On a website. Okay. And so since then he came in and Jerry had. This is what Jerry looked like here. We have a picture of Jerry right here. He had a couple of teeth that were really hanging out and extremely loose here. So, he had a number of different teeth that he also wanted to have replaced in his upper jaw. And so that was his smile that he had. What we did is we made actually what is called a Snap-On Smile, and this is his Snap-On Smile. And the teeth that we took out are these 3 teeth right here. And there’s some other replacement teeth, but they hook right over the top and clip right over the top of his natural teeth. So, Jerry if you don’t mind, if you can go ahead and put those in and show people how that works.

And it’s just going to snap right over his teeth. He’s going to put it in.

So, we work on that and also at the time we didn’t want him to go without his front teeth. So we went ahead and at the same visit we went ahead and took his teeth out and gave him the Snap-On Smile. That way he could walk out of here with it on. So its been very good for him and there he goes. So now he’s got a full smile. So I just wanted to ask Jerry a few questions on while we do that. What has this process been like for you to go through that?

Dental Client: The cause I had some extractions. Sure I had some soreness it fits perfect. It feels good in my mouth and looks fantastic. I’m very happy with the outcome of it.

Dr. Antolak: Good. Now you have the ability now to actually chew food with it in.

Dental Client: Yeah, and I changed my bite.

Dr. Antolak: We’ll work on that. You brought the bite in. We brought his bite in and his teeth were flared out quite a bit so we brought the teeth in with this device. We were able to replace missing teeth for him, improve his bite, and now we replace his front teeth but he had a couple teeth in the back also that were missing. So we were able to give you a full complement of teeth. Snap-on Smile is something that is not intended for extremely long service, but who knows maybe you can prove me wrong.

Dental Client: It’s what kind of food you eat, I would imagine too, you know. It’s too high and you got to be careful.

Dr. Antolak: Right, Right. But its a good alternative to having crowns and bridges or things like implants, braces, so its something good for the short term, medium term. We’re really pleased, I’m pleased with the result. And I thank you for this interview.

Dental Client: Likewise.

Dr. Antolak: Give me a big smile. Okay. There he is. There’s Jerry. With that we say goodbye.

Shelby Township Dentist Explains Snap-On Smile

Again, I’m Dr Antolak from We are located in Shelby Township, Michigan. If you have any questions about a Snap-On Smile, please call us today at:586-247-3500

Shelby Township Dentist Explains Snap-On Smile