Shelby Township Dentist Answers Commonly Asked Questions

Question: I have pain on my lower denture that seems to get worse over the last 6 months. Could you tell me why they hurt now as compared to before?

Answer: It is difficult to say exactly why your denture is hurting you now, but more than likely the amount and rate of bone loss under the denture is an indication to comfort. The constant pounding when eating and swallowing affects the level of bone. This is why it is usually better to save teeth if possible and even use these teeth to attach dentures to.
If the pain is directly on the gum where then “eye” teeth used to be then it could be that there is pressure over the nerve that gives sensation to the lip and teeth. A Soft reline is very useful for patients who have these problems on the lowers.

Question:I watch my granddaughter during the day when her parents are at work and was wondering what to do if she falls and injures her tooth?

Answer:First thing is to not panic. Your granddaughter would need your support if this happens. If the tooth is broken call your dentist immediately to get in. They should get you into the office as soon as possible to get the child out of pain. Try to find all of the pieces and fragments that broke off. Use Ice to reduce swelling and get into the office. If the tooth completely falls out of the socket then rinse it off with milk without scrubbing. Next, attempt to place it back into the tooth socket where it fell out. Time is of the essence. If you can not place it in the socket then place the tooth in your mouth or a glass of milk, but do not let it dry out. Both the saliva and the milk help to maintain the correct physiological environment. If you are unable to get in then you can call me on my cell phone 313.415.9563 and I can help direct you.

Question: My friend just got new dentures from her dentist. She now has a real gummy smile and her dentures click when she talks. They not only look bad, but it is irritating to me listening to them make this noise. What do you think is the best approach to letting her know this?

Answer: Good question!!! Maybe she has no idea of what they look or sound like. When the right time comes along you may want to say something like: “Betty, we have been friends for a long time and have been honest with each other. Can I give you my honest opinion on the way your dentures look and sound like? If she says yes then explain the way it detracts from her and because you are such good friends that you felt obligated to let her know this.

Dentures that look too full are usually not made at the correct height and there is too much plastic denture material in them. There is a certain amount of material that should be placed in the denture so they function properly and yet not too much that they make sounds and are unappealing. More than likely she has a very sore jaw and gums. She should revisit her dentist to see if they can be remade or how the problem can be rectified. When the dentures are made there should be a “try-in” appointment to approve of the teeth shape, color and position.

Shelby Township Dentist Answers Commonly Asked Questions

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