Not Happy With Your Smile?  Shelby Township Dentist Can Help!

Hi. Dr. Antolak here, from in Shelby Township, Michigan. We’re not only gentle, but we also do cosmetic dentistry, Cosmetic, general, sedation dentistry, and family dentistry. So let’s say you come in and you’re not happy with your smile. Let’s say this poor chap here has brown teeth and does not like the spaces in between them. He’s sick and tired of being embarrassed about how he smiles. He puts his hand over his mouth because he’s embarrassed of how he looks, and he can’t feel like himself because he has to protect his smile.

What can we do for this guy? A number of things. We do some things called dental veneers. Let me show you what a dental veneer is. A dental veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain. If you can see through and if you put that on, that gets bonded right over the top of the teeth. And it gives them a nice smile. Dental veneers are thin like the thickness of a credit card, and they are translucent and in other words, glass or porcelain material. Dental veneers show natural characteristics of a natural tooth in a natural smile.

If you’ve noticed on people or yourself, you have dental crowns or dental caps that have like a grey line right around the edges of the margins of them when smiling. That’s because underneath that dental crown, it’s made out of metal. A metal dental crown has porcelain put over the top of it. Many times it looks dead. The reason it looks dead is because the metals were placed for strength in the past. Porcelain was put on top of it and they would paint it really bright white.

When someone smiles it doesn’t look quite natural. It doesn’t look really natural because the light doesn’t really show through the way it does with a natural tooth. So, this is some of the things we do nowadays and we use all porcelain. Nowadays porcelain is strong. Something called IPS e.max or something called zirconia. These materials are so strong especially when they’re bonded in place. They look so natural. They allow us to replace teeth, spaces between the teeth, fix them, to lengthen the teeth to make them look more even, to equalize out their color, and that type of thing.

So cosmetic dentistry is something that’s very conservative now, and it’s something that if you’re sick and tired of the way you’re looking, then give our Shelby Township dental office a call.. We’ll give you a free consultation in our dental office, and we’ll talk to you about your options. No obligations. Just to let you know what’s available for you, what’s the cost element. Dental veneers are about $1000 a piece. It’s an investment, and it will last for many, many, years. My two front teeth are the veneers I did not notice they’re not mine. They are so natural feeling.

Not Happy With Your Smile?  Shelby Township Dentist Can Help!

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