Question: I have been suffering with migraine headaches for years and now and my doctor prescribed imitrex for the problem. I was reading that there may be something I can do about it that doesn’t involve drugs. Could you please explain what this headache treatment is and why haven’t I heard of it before?

Answer:  Migraine headaches as you have mentioned are very painful and have not been well understood in the past. Migraines must be diagnosed medically. CT scans and other expensive and involved tests must be performed to rule out tumors or other systemic diseases. Medications such as imitrex have been used to help, but only in about 50% of the cases there is resolution of the pain.

Migraine headaches can be so painful that they prevent the sufferer from performing well in their daily activities and the chronic headache patient will start to deteriorate due the pain and a lack of sleep. This pain increases the stress in their lives and the cycle continues.

There is a new dental device that has been approved by the FDA to treat migraine headaches and has been actually shown to be more effective than the medications.

The device is called the NTI device and is worn by the patient at night and during the day to reduce the incidence of these headaches. For those of you with internet access go to for more information.

In my practice I have helped many patients who were having this type of chronic pain. They tell me that their headaches have been reduced by 90%.

Migraine headache treatment in Shelby Township

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