Macomb County Dentist Discusses Mini Dental Implant and Dentures

This is Dr. Antolak from We’re in Shelby Township in Macomb County. Our dental practice has been in its current location for around the last 7 years, and I’ve been also the writer of Ask the Gentle Dentist in the Advisor Source paper called The Senior Living News. One thing that I do write about a lot is about what implants are and this is a question people have a lot of times. What is the difference between a mini implant and a traditional size implant?

What I wanted to do was to kind of show you what the difference is. I’m holding it in my hand right now. So, this is a mini implant here. I’m just going to show this to you here. It’s very small. It’s about less than 3 millimeters in width and as you can see right there and what it has is this part here goes into the jawbone and this part here is used to snap on a denture. And so this is the metal part inside the denture. It’s got a little snap on it, and that snap is what we can see here if you look at this picture here where we can see how this fits inside the jaw bone and then on the denture. There’s like a rubber O-ring and it allows the denture to be stamped over the top of that and to hold in place securely. The difference is, is that once we get into using the mini implant is basically used for holding in dentures. Okay? Because it has just one top on it we get into what’s called a traditional implant.

They’re usually over 3 millimeters of width. And this is a traditional implant right here. This purple top right here, is the part that we used to place it in. Typically we’ll cut it off right here. And let me show you, right here. This is very small but this is a little screw that goes in. And then take it out and all of a sudden we can remove that. And this is what the implant looks like. The implant is usually. This one here is placed into the jawbone.  It’s allowed to heal, and then we can then come in and we have many different parts that we can actually place over the top of this implant. For example in this example, this would be a single crown.  Once this purple part is removed, and then this is called an abutment.  This abutment gets screwed down on top over that, and then, if you can envision, this is similar to what a crown will be like on a tooth, mini implants, once again, are used for dentures basically. And, the traditional implant can be used for a single crown. To make what’s called a bridge where it’s a number of implants that are placed to replace a series of teeth.

These are cemented in place so they do not come out. Also, it’s used for single crowns. And, so, when we get to a traditional implant because we can unscrew that top, it gives us a lot of accessibility to different types of procedures.  If implants are something that you’re interested, we do a lot of implants here at this practice. We place them, and we also restore them.

Macomb County Dentist Discusses Mini Dental Implant and Dentures

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