Macomb County Dentist Answers Question About Gum Disease

Question: I read about the correlation between chronic gum disease and heart attack. Can you explain?

Answer: There have been some conclusive studies that link heart disease with smoking, high cholesterol levels and gum disease. There are many factors that contribute to heart disease making this a complex issue. Chronic gum disease or periodontal disease is basically the infusion of bacteria below the gum line. These bacteria live in the absence of oxygen at this level and cause the body to develop an immune response. What this means is that your body is constantly working to keep the infection under control. The immune system releases a substance that kills off the your heart and circulation healthy it is important to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, remain smoke-free, drink alcohol in moderation and visit your dentist regularly. If you have periodontal disease it may be necessary to visit us 3-4 times per year not to only keep your teeth, but to maintain a healthy circulation system.


Macomb County Dentist Answers Question About Gum Disease

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