There are so many people who have severe anxiety that they continue to prolong their dental visits because they remember a bad experience they have had in the past.   These bad experiences have made them feel hopeless, insecure and like chickens.  Usually this self criticism is damaging to both their health and psyche.  This is an endless loop of knowing what they should do but continue to procrastinate and live in their fear.  Dentistry can be a very scary place for those who have had bad experiences.  These experiences are imprinted in the patient and even the thought makes them nervous of the dentist.

I have found in my 23 years of practice being a dentist is to break the cycle by breaking the silence.  What I usually see is having an email sent to me describing their bad experiences and then I will follow up with a call to discuss their concerns personally.  Many have said how this simple step has made a huge difference in their anxiety. 

Recently I had a patient who fit this description and after a few emails I called her up and talked to her.   This made it possible for her to make an appointment.  She is going to just stop into the office impromptu to meet our team and see that we are real people.  With our light cheerful environment which lacks the typical dental office smell, charts and sounds it makes trips to the dentist much more tolerable.  My hope if this describes you go to our welcome page at our office’s website to see why we at and your home for dentistry in the Macomb, Shelby, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights and Washington Township area.  You can also call us at 586.247.3500