How much do dental veneers cost in Shelby Township, Michigan?

Dental veneers are custom crafted pieces of porcelain less than 1 mm thick and are fragile as a shard of glass.  They are about the thickness of a credit card and are designed to fit the individual’s mouth, smile, tooth form and has to look both natural and very aesthetic.  What I am saying is that these aren’t just one size fits all dental veneers.  Depending on the individual’s case dental veneers cost around $900-$1000 each in the Sterling Heights, Utica, Macomb, Shelby Twp. Michigan area.

A tremendous amount of care is necessary when treatment planning out these for patients.  Factors to consider are:

  1. if the patient grinds his/her teeth
  2. if there are existing filings present in the teeth
  3. if there is bone loss and recession around the teeth
  4. The current appearance of the teeth.  Usually teeth that are darkened from tetracycline staining can be bleached first to give them a natural appearance after the veneers are done.  If veneers are placed over dark teeth without any consideration of the underlying teeth then they will be darker than the patient or doctor intended.
  5. The dental laboratory that is used. I have been using the same Michigan based laboratory for the last 21 years of my career. Over this period of time we have really honed down our communication and techniques.  By using digital photos and models we can communicate what you like and duplicate it to the new dental porcelain veneers.  Everything that is made is made in Michigan and isn’t outsource to other countries.

As a cosmetic dentist I must consider what the final outcome will look like even before I begin.  Therefore I will place temporary dental veneers made out of plastic composite teeth and make sure the patient likes the appearance, shape, length and color.   This step is not done by a lot of dentists in the Macomb and Oakland county area.  I believe the investment in a beautiful smile needs to be worthwhile one and if you aren’t completely happy with the result then what is that worth?

It is even possible to have the teeth and smile digitally altered to show you what the teeth could look like on the computer.  We have a service available to us that will take the photo we take and alter it by qualified laboratory technicians.  This is a nice way to see what you will look like in pictures.

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