Youtube: Shelby Twp Dentist Explains How A Dental Implant Works

Shelby Twp Dentist Explains How A Dental Implant Works

Hi this is Dr. Antolak from in Shelby Township, Michigan. I respond as  “The Gentle Dentist” because of the fact that people may claim to be gentle but this is something we have proven in and out and our patients have really said a lot about that. That means even replacing dental implants to do the best we can to be as gentle as possible.

What I want to do is to describe what a dental implant is, and show you how that works on a model.

This is a model of what a patient’s mouth would look like and they have missing teeth. What I wanted to do is to show you that there’s been a dental implant that’s been placed in the artificial bone. But I do want to show you what an dental implant looks like and what this is about.

So this is a dental implant, when we put it in the mouth we use it like this. So what happens is once a dental implant is placed in the mouth we can take a look. It’s made out of three different sections. One is the dental implant itself. And one contains what is called the abutment. This is the implant itself. This smaller part right here is called the abutment. That goes inside the dental implant which snaps inside, and there is a little screw for example in this one right here is a little screw that combines the two of them together.Once that’s placed in there that becomes what the dental implant would look like right there.

For example when the dental implant is placed in the mouth in the jaw like this, we place the abutment like I’d just described into here. We actually screw that into the bone itself and what we do then is we actually torque it with a torque wrench. This is actually some of the instrumentation we might use. Obviously we sterilize the instruments before we do anything and they remain sterilized through treatment.

What happens is these go on right over the top of it, in plain view we have the ability to put it on this and then when we torque it. We can see the bar move, and it will show us how much pressure to apply to put into that bone to make sure that it goes in with enough resistance so that it remains stable and we can have the bone grow into it.

Once this is in place we basically cut this section right here in the green section. And that becomes what it would like after a dental crown would be done or a cap would be made. Then we can have a dental crown placed, an artificial dental crown placed over the top of that. And that ends up being your tooth that has been missing.

So, that’s kind of an overview of how it works. Some of the instrumentation that we use are a really awesome way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are really great for holding dentures down in place that have been loose. So we can place a dental implant, sometimes just a couple of them in the lower jaw here, and we use something that will actually snap over the top of that implant, and that will hold, hold those dentures nice and tight.

Shelby Twp Dentist Explains How A Dental Implant Works

So if this is a kind of way that you’re thinking about possibly replacing your missing teeth, this is what we can do is a dental implant.

Thank you. If there’s any questions, you can call us at (546)247-3500. Thank you.