Hi, my name is Margie I’m a dental hygienist here at thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan and I’m going to talk to you about something very quickly about a campaign that we are running in our office and it’s called Smiles For Life and what it is, is simply put is if you want your teeth whiter, this is the time to do it. Between March 1st and the end of June, we do this every year, we use the same product that we use all year long, except this time of the year, Discus Dental sends us the supplies and we supply you with a service. The cost is half off.

And all the proceeds go to children’s charity first charity or I should say half the charity goes to a local charity in our surrounding area here through Henry Ford Hospital and it’s called Sand Castles. And it is for children who are grieving from ages 3 to 18. If they’re grieving the loss of a loved one they are there to help support them. The other half goes to Garth Brooks Children’s charity that he has set up and it actually covers quite a few different children’s charities. There is Smiles for Hope, Children of Romania Cure. There’s the Cancer Foundation for Children and there’s a few others, but all the proceeds go for all children’s charities.

So again, if you are looking for teeth whitening in Shelby Township or Macomb County, this is the time of year to do it. Come see us and visit us at www.thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan. Hope to see you soon.