General Dentist Office in Shelby Twp. Provides Comfortable Cleanings

Hi, I am Dr. Antolak from in Shelby Township, Michigan. We are a general dental office. That means that we have hygienists, and our hygienists obviously clean teeth and treat people for gum disease or periodontal disease. The one thing you’ll notice, probably like in most offices, is that there’s two different ways of cleaning teeth.

One is using a standard scaler. They’re actually used to clean the tartar that builds up on teeth with gentle pressure. So this is one way to clean your teeth manually. So I’ll just kind of show you a little bit about how that works. If this was someone’s mouth, for example, you would just go down here, and it would just kind of scrape back and forth, like that. Okay?

The other option that’s available, is something called a Piezo scaler that uses water. It kind of makes noise. I know no one likes these noises. It actually vibrates at such a quick pace, that it actually can start to clean off the teeth.  It goes around the teeth and cleans, using gentle pressure, and it actually does more of an effective job by using the water. Water just kind of flushes that area out.  It flushes the gum pockets out and cleans out the bacteria that’s in those deeper pockets because it vibrates at such a fast frequency. Almost like our Sonicare, it vibrates without the trauma from the scraping part of it.

So there are certain situations in our office that you will have the standard scaler being used on you and there are certain situations where you’ll have the Piezo scaler used, depending on the case. I know that when we want to remove stains, it’s much more effective and efficient to use the Piezo scaler, which helps to reduce the tartar and the staining much, much more comfortably and much more effectively, too.

At our office we try to be as gentle as we can possibly be. That means, if doing what I just did, requires you to be numbed up, so that you’re comfortable, we would provide that for you at no extra cost. We just want you to be comfortable at our office so that you have the correct treatment, proper treatment, and thorough treatment done, the most comfortable way possible.

General Dentist Office in Shelby Twp. Provides Comfortable Cleanings

So, if you like comfortable dentistry and comfortable cleanings, give us a call. 586-247-3500 or visit us at, in Shelby Township. Thank you.