Fosamax Information Update

In recent articles I wrote about potential complications that Fosamax users could experience after dental extractions and oral surgery. We received numerous calls from concerned patients asking for more information. At a recent seminar more detailed information came out and thought it would be helpful and settling to provide new information on this topic.

In summary, those who have been treated for osteoporosis with oral Fosamax (or similar medication) for less than 3 years have very low risk concern about jaw bone death after dental extractions. Those who have been on oral therapy for more than 3 years are at higher risk. The risk has been estimated to be about 1:20,000.
Intravenous use of aredia or zometa for the treatment of cancer puts patients at a higher risk of jaw bone death after dental extractions than Fosamax. It is best to attempt noninvasive procedures rather than extractions when treating patients. If no other option is available then patients should be on long term antibiotic use with daily rinses of Peridex, an oral disinfectant.

It is best to have a comprehensive oral examination done before going on these medications to reduce your risk of future problems. For more information including the most current guidelines please call our office for a free report at (586)247-3500 or e-mail me at

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