Fosamax and Severe Bone Infections

Beware Fosamax users!!!!!!!!!

Does someone you know have osteoporosis? If so, it is important to give them the following information:  It has been shown that patients having tooth extractions after being on FOSAMAX have the potential of developing severe bone infections.  This topic came up during recent internet discussions with fellow dentists.  Even though the Fosamax drug information insert states that “Rarely, patients have had jaw problems associated with delayed healing and infection, often following tooth extraction” it is believed that this side effect is more common than “rarely”.  The side effects of an extraction after the medicine is started can lead to gangrene or significant delayed healing.

Those patients who plan on being treated for the osteoporosis using this or other similar medications like this should have a thorough dental exam before starting the medication.  If there are teeth that are questionable or need extracting, this should be done before starting the medication.  Once the medicine is started, extracting teeth could be dangerous.  Even after being off of the medication it takes many years (10-20) for these negative healing effects to be broken down by the body.   I am not stating this for alarm, but it is intended to keep you, the reader informed.  It is highly suggested that your physician have a consultation with the dentist to determine the best course of treatment BEFORE these medications are prescribed.

Fosamax and Severe Bone Infections

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