Dental infections can be dangerous if they grow and enter the spaces in the neck between the layers of muscles.  To treat the dental emergency and relieve the pressure from the puss infection can be done in a few ways.  These are to aide your body’s own natural immune system which fights off infections on a cellular level. 

Antibiotics fight bacteria so when they are used the medicine gets into the blood stream and either slows down the growth or kills the bacteria as the blood penetrates the area where the infection is.  It is necessary to have blood flow to the area where the infection is so the use of a heating pad is effective to draw the antibiotic rich blood to the area .

Dental Extractions remove the cause of the infection the fastest because the removal of infected teeth actually creates a large opening where the infection can drain.

Root canals involve the removal of dead nerve tissue inside of the tooth by disinfecting the root canal space.  After the nerve space is disinfected and cleaned a rubber material is packed into the hollow tooth root.  A small opening at the end of the tooth is made when the infected nerve is treated so this provides a small pressure release where the infection is.  It is very important to close off the opening in the crown portion of the tooth with a core and crown.  This eliminates the bacterial penetration from the mouth into the disinfected tooth. 

With all of the dental care at office located in Shelby township, Michigan we strive to make  your visit pain free.  I take a lot of time during injections and the procedure to assure  you that your needs are taken care of.  I give promises to our patients that you will be reated in the most gentle way possible and not start treatment until you are absolutely numb and pain free.  We use nitrous oxided gas and sedation dentistry for those who have a lot of fear and hate going to the dentist. 

Dental emergencies are nothing to procrastinate on and if you are swollen then either call our office at 586-247-3500, or get to your local emergency room if the infection has caused  your neck to swell and close off your breathing. 

At our office we serve Sterling Heights, Shelby twp. Utica, New Balimore,Washington Twp and Clinton Twp areas of Michigan.