With the loss of countless jobs in Michigan and the attempt to cut costs dental insurance has been cut out for many Shelby, Sterling Heights, Washington Township and Clinton Twp. Michigan residents.  Preventive dentistry is by far the best way to eliminate painful experiences with tooth pain and wallet pain.  Prevention will help keep the costs down because the early treatment of dental problems such as gum disease, cavities and missing fillings will save you money.  It can be expensive to treat more complex problems so it is our desire to help by offering our discounted prepaid dental plan that we call “The Gentle Dental Plan” 

Here are the details:

  • $247 for those 16 and older  and $187 for children under 16 will get you:
  • 2 dental cleanings
  • 2 examinations including  your initial exam
  • complete digital xrays and follow up xrays.
  • Series of digital photos of your mouth that you can see on our 19″ computer monitor.
  • 12% off of our fee for any additional dental procedures.

The value on this is around $465 so this is a great value and because it has been prepaid there is a focus and attention to preventive dentistry.  Your dental cleaning, exam, xrays and photos are done in a private “non-clinic” setting where you will feel very comfortable getting your care done.  This is not only a great value, but can prevent other systemic diseases such a heart disease and diabetes by focusing on the preventive nature of your oral health.  Call today at (586)247-3500 or go to our web site at www.TheGentleDentist.com