Hi, this is Doctor Robert Antolak from The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Twp., Michigan. We appreciate you going onto our website and investigating us a little bit more. What I want to do is share a little bit about myself.

I’ve been a dentist since 1987, I graduated from the University of Michigan and I started practicing currently for 30 years, dentistry has been my passion, I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was eight years old. My father had a discussion with me way back when I was about eight years old and he said and he talked about becoming a dentist.  He worked Ford Motor Company, and he thought it would be a good job for me to do. He was more right than he could ever have been. I love doing it. So it’s been a real blessing to me.

I also am excited because the dental practice that we do have in Shelby Township continues to expand.  We are very fortunate to have a great dental team here where people feel very comfortable coming in and we just want to communicate well to you as our patients. We want to give you the opportunity to make decisions for yourself on your treatment and we’re just here to work along with you.

Personally I’ve got two children, Matthew and Grace. Currently, they’re 15 and 16. And my wife Polly and I have been married for 15 years. Both of our children we adopted from China and so we’re just very happy about that.

For me personally, my passion is playing hockey. I play three to four times a week and it helps to keep me in shape and keep my stress level down to a tolerable level. I enjoy doing that a lot. I enjoy fishing and hunting, just being very active is important.  I feel like living a healthy lifestyle is very important for longevity and for quality of life. And the most important thing for me, really, is my relationship with Jesus Christ. This helps me to know the true value of relationships, the value of what God put me on this planet for.  He also has encouraged me to go to Haiti since 2001, each year I’ve been going. Treat people for the last 17 years each year for a week to a week and a half at a time. And helping to remove pain from people who have no access to care.

Also, for the last six years I’ve been the Dental Director of the Trinity Community Care, it’s a food, medical and dental clinic that we have set up to treat the people locally in our own community who are under the 200% poverty level. We have a big waiting list for that too. So, definitely busy but doing my passion and doing the things that I’ve been really fortunate with.

I am also an expert witness for dental malpractice claims on the defense side. So I look at things objectively from the dental point — from extractions so I can help give an attorney some good, objective opinions. So because of the experience I’ve had doing dental implants and extractions is helping to do that.

So, if you want to be part of our growing patient base, we’d love to have you and have a happy dental home that way.

Our number here at the office is 586-247-3500. Thank you and have a blessed day.