Question:  My wife has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 8 years ago and I have been taking care of her needs.  When I was brushing her teeth I have noticed that one of them is loose.  Is it normal for teeth to become loose as one ages?  She says that it doesn’t hurt her but I am not sure if this is normal.  Please Help

Answer:    The chewing system requires that the teeth, jaws, jaw joints, and gums work in harmony.  If there is a breakdown in any of these systems teeth will loosen.  If there is gum disease present, the teeth loose the bone support and become loose.  If there are missing teeth in her mouth the opposing teeth can close down and create sideways pressure that could also loosen them.  It is difficult to determine why teeth loosen up without and evaluation including x-rays.

If teeth are properly maintained and the patient’s immune system is healthy there is no reason why they can’t last a lifetime.  The problem has been that in the past teeth were just extracted to eliminate pain.  Now days our current philosophy has changed where we attempt to save teeth when possible.  If we can preserve the system that God has given us we are much better off than using something manmade. Please feel free to call our Shelby Township office at (586) 573-4500 to make an appointment.

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