Hi, my name is Margie. I am a hygienist here at www.thegentledentist.com. I’ve been working with Dr. Antolak for about 9 years now. And I’d have to say the most important part of my job is to help you with your oral care because your oral care is directly linked with your overall health. So firstly, it might just be something as simple as showing you where you’re missing with your toothbrush removing the plaque. It could be showing you how to floss correctly cause 9 out of 10 people do floss wrong. So we can also do that. Also, if doctor has diagnosed you with periodontal disease.

There are adjunct tools that you can use that are more efficient. And, coming to our office more frequently is another thing. Again, here at www.thegentledentist.com. We treat all of your needs, whether it’s composite, anything that is cosmetic. Doctor is highly recommended in that field. So, you are more than welcome to come to our office. I invite you to www.thegentledentist.com. Our number is 586-247-3500. We are located in Shelby Township, Michigan. And again, I invite you to come to our office, and see what we’re all about and have a wonderful and blessed day.

Dental Hygienist in Shelby Township Speaks on the Importance of Oral Care