Best Dentists Near Me - Shelby Twp, MIBest Dentists Near Me – Shelby Twp, MI

Hi, my name’s Dr. Robert Antolak from We are located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Today I’d like to discuss with you a little bit about what makes our dental office in Shelby Twp unique.

As people are searching online for a dentist we get new patients coming in to our Shelby Township dental office all the time. A lot of times on Google they will be searching out “dentists” or “dentists near me”. One of the things I always ask is, how did you find out about us. And they say it’s from searching on Google for “Dentists near me” or “Best dentists near me”.

Then they look at our Google reviews and they are basically drawn in by the fact that we have patients who’ve been honest to share their experiences with the outside world. The reason why I’ve got  so many 5 stars out of the 22 reviews (and it’s climbing) is because of the fact that we take such good care of their dental needs.

I’ve been in practice for nearly 29 years and it has been something for me personally that I really enjoy;  helping them transform themselves, and for us to develop a confidence level for them to continue to come in seeking dental treatment.

But there’s a few things that we do beyond giving our dental patients injections that don’t hurt and treating them with respect.  We use use special things like having noise cancelling headphones and an iPod.  The iPod gives our dental patients the ability to just listen to music and relax. We use Pandora as our source and they can select a genre of music that comes right from our WIFII in our Shelby Twp dental office.

We also have something special, these are glasses, 3D glasses that hook up to Netflix and our dental patients can watch a movie on Netflix just to take their mind off of the dental procedure.

We use the nitrous oxide which helps with relaxation. And then for our really high dental fear patients, we have what’s called conscious sedation, which is a sleeping pill that people can take.

We have many, many different ways to make our dental patients comfortable. But I believe that one of the biggest ways we do this is by sitting, listening to them, being compassionate, understanding what their dental needs are.  That’s what makes us The Gentle Dentist and that’s what makes us successful. I am very thankful and God willing, we continue to provide such a service for our dental patients in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Best Dentists Near Me – Shelby Twp, MI

If you’re interested and if you have dental fear or fear of the dentist and you’re interested in having dentistry done where you can have a happy dental home near you, please feel free to give us a call. Our Shelby Township dental office number is 586-247-3500.

You can also see our website at And we’d be more than happy to see you. God bless. Thanks