Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from TheGentleDentist.com. We’re in Shelby Township, Michigan and our phone number is (586) 247-3500. Because we’re a full-service office, we do everything from dental implants to fixed, called hybrid dentures to all different phases of dentistry. And we just finished up with Willie and so we had a phenomenal result and I just like Willie to just share some of his experiences being here and kind of what happened. I’m gonna let you take it away.

Okay. Hello everyone, I’m giving honor to God for all the things he has bestowed upon my life. In 2016, unfortunately, I was hit by a drunk driver and left for dead in a motorcycle accident. In maybe eight months to nine months later, I ended up finding Dr. Antolak and I came into The Gentle Dentist because I had a broken jaw as well as some other issues going on.

At the time, the doctor had to remove all my teeth and I didn’t like that. But he did a wonderful job, he and his staff: Shiloh, Becky, Maureen, Lynne, and Lisa. They just did it a phenomenal job quarterbacking this thing to get me this smile today that I am so proud of. I thank God for Dr. Antolak and his staff and the blessing that God has bestowed the talents on this man. This man is phenomenal.

Don’t forget Jessica.

Oh yeah. Jessica. You did a great job. And you’ve got to give Rick a shoutout.

Rick with Macomb Dental Ceramics. He’s a local guy. He’s only four miles from the practice. So we keep it in our area and we just do some really phenomenal jobs. We’re able to do that. And Willie I really appreciate all your words of confidence. You’re always a blessing to be with.  It’s all the whole team that does it. So. Alright, well thank you very much.