Hi. This is Doctor Robert Antolak from TheGentleDentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our office phone number is 586-247-3500. Today I would like to discuss a simple process that is amazing in how it helps children prevent cavities. If a child gets a cavity they usually will form on the first molar teeth. This is assuming the child has good nutrition.

So, let’s talk about the first molar teeth. This is the lower jaw here. The first molars are the first ones we see as we look back. Okay? And since the first molars that come in are when the child is around six years old they’re in more of the cavity-prone ages.

This is a cavity-prone age if kids are eating a lot of refined carbohydrates and sugars. For example, these sugars may come from Fruit Roll-Ups, juices, pop, candy and things like that. As these foods sit down in the deep grooves of the teeth, they can start to cause cavities.

This is what a cross section of a tooth would look like right here. This would show absolutely what like a molar tooth would look like. This part here is the enamel part of the tooth. That’s the white part of the tooth that we can see right here.

Then as food particles start sitting down in the deep grooves of the teeth, like in this region here, cavities start forming. This is because sometimes the area is so thin and narrow that not even the width of a toothbrush bristle will fit down there. But bacteria sneak down into these deeper areas and start forming cavities.

So a cavity will form in here and then what happens is it gets down to what’s called the dentin. This is the dentin layer. Inside of the dentin we have what’s call a pulp, which is where the nerve is contained within the tooth.

So when cavities form in the enamel layer ( the hard part) it forms like this. Then it starts to form like this as the cavities start getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So then it can get into the nerve of the tooth like this, and then you have problems such as the need for root canals and things like that.

So rather than waiting until it’s too late, we can do what are called dental sealants. A dental sealant is where we apply a material to the tooth. The material will fill in this space right in here.

So instead of having the deep groove, you have a sealant that will cover that deep root. If the dental sealant is well bonded in place, when you brush your teeth it will be very cleansable.

How do we Apply Dental sealants?

We prepare the tooth structure itself. We use an acid etch that makes the tooth kind of porous. Then we put a bonding agent in it that helps to secure it to the tooth. Then we flow the material into the deep grooves like this.

Next, we use a light that will harden the material. It only takes about five or ten seconds to harden the material. This thin composite material, which is called composite, blends in with the teeth and it also blunt bonds right on to the tooth structure. So now, rather than brushing a tooth with grooves in it, the tooth is nice and smooth. It’s a great way of taking care of cavities.

The key of this is making sure that the tooth is very clean, when it’s first bonded. What can happen is, plaque can develop in this area and bacteria can prevent a good strong and secure bond. What we do in our office is, we make sure that that the deep surface is very clean so it can be to assure that your children can have teeth that will last them a lifetime. By doing this procedure, at least the biting surfaces during those cavity prone years will be effectively sealed and prevent children from having any further problems.

As far as dental sealants go, sometimes we even go up to the bicuspid teeth. So there are a total of possibly 16 teeth that could be bonded in place. Once again, it’s very conservative.

There’s no numbing necessary. Dental sealants are done before any cavities form and it’s insuring the fact that these teeth can last a lifetime.

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So if there’s any interest in dental sealants, which there should be, contact our Shelby Twp Dental Office at (586)-247- 3500. Happy smiling.

Energy Drinks, Soda Pop & Your Teeth

Hi, this is Doctor Robert Antolak, The Gentle Dentist, located at Shelby Township, Michigan, Macomb County. Our phone number is 586-247-3500 and our website is Thegentledentist.com.

What I’d like to talk to you today is about how cavities are formed.  You know, one thing I see that’s very disheartening is someone in their 20’s who comes in with a series of cavities throughout their mouths. And sometimes they are ignorant to that. In other words, they don’t know what happens and why they get it. Unfortunately, many times it’s due to the consumption of soda pop and sports energy drinks consumed on a regular basis. What that does, is that will actually form, because it’s so high in sugar and acid, that it starts de-calcifying the teeth. When we eat food our saliva and give it time, it actually will repair the damage that’s done when you’re eating food.

Energy Drinks, Soda Pop, TeethIn your saliva, there are actually buffers that help to reduce the acid that’s released when you eat sugar, and even food. Those buffers that are in our saliva will naturally form and they will re-calcify your teeth. The problem is people are constantly sipping pop, usually Coke, Pepsi and Mountain Dew are the ones that are the most constantly consumed by people in their 20s and 30s. Over time, our body’s saliva doesn’t have a chance to re-mineralize it. Because acid is constantly there and the bacteria in our bodies uses the sugars to help to dissolve the teeth. It forms an acid as a by-product of its metabolism.

So as the acid sits on the teeth and it slowly dissolves the teeth. Sometimes you can’t even see at all but all of a sudden you start seeing some little black lines between the teeth. Usually by the time that forms it’s already throughout a lot of the mouth.

It’s a very discouraging fact that sometimes I will address our dental patients with this and they usually have a couple of responses. Some dental patients know about this but they just continually drink pop. It’s an addiction. You know, if you take caffeine and sugar, which brings your level of energy up and of course you crash.

Then there are other people who don’t even know about the fact that these pops, which they constantly consume, cause cavities. They don’t even know why they have cavities. All of a sudden they find their self with 15 or 20 teeth that have cavities in them and it’s pretty disappointing.

What we try to do at our dental office in Shelby Township, is to really encourage folks to stop that habit. And we can do some things like using xylitol as a sweetener, which will help to reverse that process and change their habits and just drink regular water. Regular water is going to be your best thing because it’s neutral in Ph. In other words, it’s not acidic, and it helps to re-mineralize teeth. It is best for our bodies.

You know, I had a dental patient the other day who was constantly consuming these beverages and developed these big cavities in her mouth. And now, unfortunately, she’s in her 20s and has been diagnosed with diabetes. The constant load of sugar has decreased her insulin levels in her body. And now she uses insulin, so she’s diabetic. So that can affect you for your whole life.

I would really encourage any of you. I’m speaking to the young folks who are out there listening. If you find yourself drinking pop, if you have to drink some, drink it with a meal. Drink it at one setting, rather than sipping it all day. And when you drink it, drink it through a straw. The straw allows it to go straight down the throat, and not get in contact with the teeth. You know, this could lead to thousands, and thousands and thousands of dollars in dentistry, which could really be prevented by good dental care and taking care of your body.

Energy Drinks, Soda Pop & Your Teeth

In our Shelby Township dental office, we really focus on prevention. We want to focus on you as a person. Not only with your body’s health, but with your dental health. So our phone number is 586-247-3500 if you’re interested. Or go to thegentledentist.com, and we’d like to take care of your needs.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cavities

Hi, this is Doctor Robert Antolak from The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township. Our phone number is 586-247-3500, and the reason why I’m giving you that contact information is because after you’re done listening to this, you’re going to feel compelled to give us a call.

What I want to talk about today is your cavities. A lot of people who surf the web are people in their twenties and their thirties, and they’re looking for a dentist. And I want to address you.

We have people in our office who come in, they have a lot of decay in their mouth, cavities are kind of taking over. What I want to do is explain why that is and what you can do about that.

Cavities form by bacteria that is in the mouth. The plaque that builds up on your teeth, that’s bacteria. When that bacteria comes in contact with sugars from candy, sugars from pop, the bacteria uses it as a food source and sugar kind of creates some kind of acid. That acid sits on your teeth and basically rots holes in the teeth over time.

What I want to do is talk a little bit about, what to do to prevent it and what to do to treat it.

The bacteria that sits on there. If it’s allowed to sit on there, every time you drink, every time you have a sip, the pH, the acidity level, goes up, the pH goes down, and that creates microscopic cavities. Over time, on the front teeth especially, the teeth might start looking a frosty white color. I use the analogy that frosty white color is like concrete that’s been painted, and all of a sudden you start seeing that paint pull away from the concrete. Well, it’s still painted, but now, if you go through and you, you brush your hand across it or put something to it, you’ll see it will flake right off. That’s what these white cavities are, the white ones that look bright white in color, that’s a cavity that’s forming. Underneath that area, there’s usually decay. So the most important thing right now is to learn about how to prevent it.

I know you like your pop, but even though you like it, it’s not good for you. Water is your best substitute for that. Water is really great because water is natural of course and it helps to neutralize those acids in the mouth. If you absolutely do need to drink pop, then what you want to do is do it with a meal. If you have to do that, do it through a straw. The straw will not put the acidity in the pop, and the sugar on the teeth that creates those cavities.

Also, it’s also not good to brush your teeth right away after you take a sip of your pop. What that does is there are organic fibers in the tooth structure itself, when you drink the pop and the acid, part of the minerals are pulled away from that and if you go ahead and brush it, those little fibers that are there will start breaking down, it will not re-attach with the mineral to the tooth. The re-attachment process takes place naturally between meals. Our saliva has the ability to buffer it to reduce the acidity level. It also has the ability with minerals that are in the saliva to re-heal those areas that have been affected. So that’s important. Also, using products with Xylitol is helpful. Fluoride is helpful. There are a number of different products and ways to help re-mineralize your teeth so they don’t become such an issue.

If it has become to that point where your teeth are hurting you, please feel free to give us a call. We will assess everything and see where things stand for you, but it is best if you really prevent it if you possibly can. For those people who are nervous we provide sedation dentistry with the gas and so this way we can help to get you where you want to be.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cavities

So, if this describes you, please take the information that I just said, and you use it for your own use. If you do need to reach us regarding cavities or any other matter, our phone number is 586-247-3500. Our website is theGentleDentist.com, thank you.

Shelby Township Dentist Discusses Cavities

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