Dental porcelain veneers are pieces of art that are completely custom made in a dental laboratory by a ceramist.  They are fabricated from a glass material that is very detailed by the ceramist.  The cosmetic porcelain veneer may seem to cost a lot, but since they last many years and the positive effect they have on the self esteem they are a great value.  If you think about it, they will last longer than a car and will have a long term impact.  At our high tech, Shelby Township dental office we use a local laboratory in Novi Michigan that I have been using for the last 20 years.  We mail back digital images and digital x-rays to each other to communicate the details necessary to produce beautiful cosmetic dental porcelain veneers.  The average price range of porcelain veneers at our office is $925-$1050. 

To cut costs, some cosmetic dentists will use labs in China or Mexico, which usually reduces the level of quality.   The level of excellence is dependent on the details that are present with a dental laboratory from a long term relationship in addition to the expertice of the dentist and materials used.  If you are interested in cosmetic porcelain veneers and want to make sure you are getting quality dental treatment it is vital to research the dentist that will be performing your dentistry.