Dental implants are one of the  most researched, progressive aspects of modern dentistry.  They have been used for over 25 years so they aren’t exactly new, but have been developed to be more user-friendly for the dentist.  Dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone where they become firmly attached to the bone.  Once the bone matures (in 3-4 months) around the implant it can be used to attach single dental crowns, fixed bridges or removable teeth.  Additional benefits of having missing teeth replaced with implants is that they preserve the bone.  When teeth are removed or extracted the bone that originally supported the teeth is no longer needed and the body naturally resorbs it.  This shrinkage is best demonstrated when someone exercises: the more they stress the muscles the more they grow to support the stimulus.  When exercise stops the muscles get smaller because the body no longer needs as much muscle to support the stimulus.  My point in this is that the use of dental implants not only gives the patient a feeling of having natural teeth, but also maintains the volume and thickness of bone.

Dr. Antolak treats his dental patients in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you are treated like a guest in the home.  His motto is to “relax while we take care of your smile”. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and general dentistry using sedation dentistry if necessary for his high fear patients. He has been treating patients for the past 21 years and is located in Shelby Township, Macomb county Michigan.   The phone number is 586-247-3500 or visit the website