While it might not be the most exciting part of your day, the few minutes you take to take care of your mouth each day can be among the most important things you do for your health. By keeping your teeth and gums healthy, you are taking important steps towards preventing oral health problems and working towards a vibrant, shining smile. While everyone knows it’s important to take care of your teeth and most everyone knows why, the process of making it happen can be a different story. Even if you think you are doing a great job in keeping your oral hygiene as great as it can be, it can always be helpful to receive some reminders for what’s the most effective. When putting together your oral hygiene plan, make sure to think about employing the following strategies as you see fit.

Daily Brushing and Flossing

Dental Care - Shelby Twp, MIBy far the most important aspect to any oral health plan, brushing and flossing daily is the best foundation to build your oral health plan from. While the time investment is very small at about 5 minutes a day, brushing and flossing everyday can go a long way in preventing all types of oral health problems. It is recommended to brush at least twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed, but after every meal would be ideal. Flossing can be a little less frequent at once a day to make sure you’re getting all the spots your brush may miss.

Rinsing with Mouthwash

While definitely not as imperative as brushing and flossing daily, using a high quality mouthwash can help your mouth feel great and your smile shine as bright as can be. Using a quality mouthwash can help to prevent or reduce tartar build up, plaque, and even gingivitis if it is in its early stages. If you are looking to whiten your teeth as well, make sure to get a mouthwash that has the added ingredients for an even whiter smile.

Visit Your Dentist RegularlY

While you can certainly do a lot at home to make sure your mouth is healthy and free from oral health issues, you still should see your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and routine check up. While you may think there is no need to go in, your dentist will be able to professionally clean all the parts that are easy to miss even with the best brushing, flossing, and rinsing regimen. In addition to getting your mouth as clean as possible, your dentist will be able to properly diagnose any problems as well as tell you what you could be doing better to improve your oral health routine.

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