Dental Videos – Shelby Township

 Porcelain Crown
Restore Teeth
 Veneer Patient
Veneer Interview

Mercury Free Dentistry

Mercury Free vs. Silver Fillings

Laser Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry

 KOR Whitening
Snap on Smile Patient
 Whitening Options
Wisdom Teeth Removal

 Tooth Removal
 Patient Smiles
Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

 Clear Correct
KOR Whitening
First Impressions
KOR Whitening

 Clear Correct
Snap on Smile
 What is Cosmetic Dentistry?
Cosmetic Makeover

 Cosmetic Dentistry Interview
Snap on Smile Patient
 Interview on Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Veneer Procedure

Dr. Antolak and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants

 Dental Implant Placement
Mini vs. Full Size
Comparing Implants
Dental Implant Technology

 Does Every Tooth Need an Implant?
Mini Implants
 Dental Implant Myths
Dental Implants and Old Age

 Myths about Dental Implants
More Dental Implant Myths
 Even more Dental Implant
Myths on Dental Implants

 Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental Implants Require a Specialist
 Dental Implants and Being Hospitalized?
New Technology in Dental Implants


 Sinus Headaches
Headaches and Teeth Dreams
 Dr Antolak Interview
Headache Treatment

More Headache Treatments
Headache Interview
 Patient Headache Interview
Headache and Poor Bite

Decay and Cavities

 Decay Prevention
Importance of Prevention
 Dry Mouth or Xerostomia

Oral Cancer

 Cancer Procedure
Importance of Exams

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease

Flossing and Brushing

 Importance of Brushing
Proper Flossing
 How to Brush
Dr. Antolak Explaining Hygiene

Fear of the Dentist and Sedation Dentistry

 Options for Fear
Drill Fear
 Sedation Dentistry
Video Glasses Ease Fear

Sedation Dentistry
Dental Fears
 Sedation Process
Dental Fear

Sedation in Dentistry
Dental Fear

Sleep Apena

Stop Breathing While Asleep
Issues with Sleeping
The Silent Killer 

Faith Based Dentistry

Christian Dental Office
Prayer Requests
Christ Centered Office 
Mission Work

Christian Dentistry


 Dental Instrument Sterilization
Dental Molds
Sterilization in Dentistry
Dental Experience

Dr. Antolak in Haiti
Cost of Dentistry
Good Deeds Contest

Candy Buy Back
Digital Xrays
Good Deeds Contest 
TMJ Explained

 CAT Scan
Laser Demonstration
 Sinus Toothache
Digital Dental Photography

Dental Referral
Dental Loops
 Dental Emergencies
Insurance Changes

Charity Work
Affordable Dental Care
Dental Warranty 
Dental Products Explained

Unique Techniques
Tooth Extraction
 Recommends Juice Plus
Half off Teeth Whitening

Mission Work
Digital Photography
High Technology Office
Elderly Dental Care

Comprehensive Oral Exam
Crowns Discussed
Emergency Care 
Comfortable Patient Care

Pulse Oximeter
Sensitive Teeth
Dental Loupes
Comprehensive Exam

Pain Free Dentist
Nutrition and Dental Health
Candy Buy Back 
Dental Emergencies

Hidden Sugars
Digital X-rays
Painless Shots

Dental Myths
Good Deed Contest Pt. 2
Pain Free Dentistry

The Gentle Dentist Office and Staff

Welcome to Our Office
The Gentle Dentist Difference
The Difference of the Gentle Dentist
Digital Panorex

Gentle Dentist Experience
Background of The Gentle Dentist
Gentle Dentist Environment
Respectful Dentist

The Financial Coordinator
Meet Jessica
Patient Coordinator

What to Expect
Financial Aggrangements
Why the Gentle Dentist?
10 Ways to Choose a Dentist

Actual Procedures

Wisdom Teeth Removal Part 1
Wisdom Teeth Removal Part 2
Dental Implant Placement
Repair of Child’s Tooth

Kor Whitening
Repair of Broken Tooth
Root Canal Proceedures
Kor Bleaching

Bite Adjustment
Root Canal
Cosmetic Gum and Implant
Removal of Frenum

Clicking Jaw Treatment
Laser Removal
Wisdom Teeth Removal
Infected Root Canal

TMJ Patient
Clear Spacers
Dental Implant Placement
Bad Bite

Mini Implants
Periodontal Repair
Implant Procedure
Implant for Failed Root Canal

Replacing a Single Tooth
Dental Implant Testimony
Small Teeth Interview


Snap on Smile Patient
Patient Talks About Care
Patient Talks About Dentures
Snap on Smile Testimonial

Overdentures Solution
Patient Testimonials
Testimonial About Pain Free Smile
Testimonial From Patient

Dental Patient Testimonials
Emotional Testimony
Overdenture Testimony
Dental Insurance

Dental Implant testimonial
Sedation Testimonial
Bad Bite due to Crowns
Denture Patient

Gentle Dentist
Patient Testimony
Root Canal Testimony
Implant Dentures

Dental Implant Surgery
Cosmetic Smile

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