Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Antolak at www.thegentledentist.com, located out in Shelby Township, Michigan. And I’d like to show you our dental office in Shelby Township, Michigan. So, why don’t you come on in, we’ll show you.

First thing you’re going to do when you come into the office, you’re going to see our little screen here. We have some video of things going on for dental patient education.

Come right on in here. We’ll show you. Okay. As you can see in our office, that we have a very comfortable location. When you basically come down and sit down, you’re going to  feel like you’re at home. You’re going to  feel like you’re in your own dining room or living room. And, it’ll feel very comfortable. We have, the same video going on up here. You’re welcome to some coffee, or any types of refreshments all the time. We have water and refreshments like that.

As a new dental  patient, or even when you’re coming back in on a routine basis. Since we are a paperless dental  office you’re going to have computers that you’re going to use to sign into our office. And so, when you do become a dental patient, you’re going to fill out information online, for your health history. And then when you come in we have a  tablet PC computer right here. That you are going to look in, and you are going to fill out your information and then all that information will be used, you can validate it, what you filled online, you can validate it here and then you are just going to basically sign off on what you did. We are a green office. And so that way, you can continue to, use your things and it works really well for us.

I’d like to introduce you to some of our staff and this is Pam.

Hi, my name is Pam, as doctor just said. And, I, take care of the account finances here. So if anybody needs payment arrangements, I’m the gal that you speak to. I also do doctor’s marketing for the practice. And I’m also the office manager here. Welcome to our Shelby dental office. We’d love to have you.

And right here we have Jessica.

Hello, I’m Jessica. I’m the patient coordinator, so I make appointments for you when you call, and also I am the dental hygienist, so you may see me when you come in to get a teeth cleaning. Welcome to our Shelby dental office.

That’s great. Okay, why don’t you come on in, and we’ll show you the office. We’ll give you a little tour and show you the rest of our office. Right here we have Dana.

Hi, I’m Dana. I’m the dental insurance coordinator. I will answer any insurance questions that you may have, and welcome to our Shelby dental office.

Terrific. So when you come into the dental office, you can see that we don’t have any charts, per se. Everything is on our computer and therefore, you have privacy with that. It’s also very secure, in case there’s any type of fire. If we had charts, that information would not be secure. But we have backups that we constantly do. Also, with, with the digital aspect of it. If we need to refer you to a specialist, we can just email those pictures, those x-rays, photographs, charts to an existing, referral source. And it’s safely done with HIPAA compliance.

So, when you come into the dental office you’ll see we have right here this is our consultation room that we sit down and discuss treatment plans with our dental patients. Iit’s a very comfortable area to do that. And then as we come in the back we have, before and after photos of dental patients that we have treated in the past and with those patients you can see they have the before pictures on the bottom and the after pictures on top.

So as you come in we have five treatment rooms here. There are actually three that I use, and then I have two for our hygienists so come in right here, and this is Margie. Tell us about you, Margie.

Hello. Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to the office. I’m the dental hygienist here, or I should say one of them, and this is one of our dental patients here. So welcome, and hope to see you come to our Shelby dental office soon.

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Each room is set up so that we have two monitors  in each room so that way you can see patient education. And then we have, digital X-rays, and this will show our Digital paner-X, for example, this is actually my son’s picture here. And this is a digital paner-X that comes up. And we can always manipulate those images to show our patients. And, so things become relevant. And with photographs, we can also show photographs for you on the screen so you can become involved with your treatment. Exactly what I see you’re able to see and then it will make a lot more sense to you when we do present that information to you.

Okay right across the hall over here, this is our sterilization room. And, these are our two lovely dental assistant’s. And so this is Nicole.

And this is Nellie.

So what are you 2 doing?

We are just getting ready for our day to see our dental patients.

Okay. This is where we sterilize all of our instruments. We use an autoclave. She can show them that, Nicole. We have an autoclave where we sterilize all of our dental instruments, so, you can be assured of its safety and the way that it’s treated. We want to treat you like we treat one of our own family members.

Thank-you. And so we have two other additional treatment rooms here and they’re all basically set up the same so that it’s very replicable.

As we continue to come back this is actually an area that we use as a business office, right here. And it’s also an area where we can discuss cases with our dental patients. As you continue to come back to our dental office this is our digital panoramic x-ray and the nice thing of that is that the x-ray that I showed you of my son. But what’s nice about this is it has a reduction of about only one fifth of the radiation that traditional film x-rays take. This is a very, very beneficial for that purpose. It takes 10 seconds and we can get a great image of your whole mouth, including your jaw joints, including your teeth, including any pathology or any problems that may developed from that. So it’s very helpful.

This is also an area that take photographs . When a patient comes in we take portrait pictures of them and they’re able to see a before and after photo looks like. This is our little video, our little dental studio here, where we take pictures. And right off from that is our restroom here.

So, we’d love to have you come into our Shelby Township, Michigan dental office. I know that you’ll be delighted to be here. It’s very comfortable here. And we get many compliments of  not only the environment and the comfortable nature of the environment but also of our most important thing, which is our dental team So, we’d like to welcome you here, give us a call at 586-247-3500. And, we’d love to see you. Thank you. God bless.

Tour of The Gentle Dentist’s Dental Office in Shelby Township, Michigan