The Gentle Dentist has been an advocate of electric toothbrushes for some time now and continues to do so because of the results they show.  Electronic brushes work much more efficiently than manually handheld brushes can do.  The reason is that they vibrate and drive energy into the sulcus (under the gum) and between teeth to loosen plaque and prevent the harmful effects that these bacteria can have on the gum tissue of the mouth.  All you need to do is to position the brush in the proper angle and the brush does all the work.  This means that those who have problems with coordination can do a marvelous job in having healthy tissues.  Those who have arthritis can experience difficulty holding onto the small handle of the manual brush whereas the handle on the electronic brush is large enough to hold comfortably.

We recommend the Sonicare brush by Phillips and resell it here at The Gentle Dentist.  We believe this is the best brush available so we make it convenient for our patients and provide competitive pricing with the retail stores.  My family uses the Sonicare even though I have access to any type of brush because this is the best out there.

The Gentle Dentist in Macomb County, Michigan Recommends Electric Toothbrushes