The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, MI Gives an Office Tour

Hi, this is Doctor Antolak from in Shelby Township, Michigan. And what I’d like to do is to show you our office. So come on in. In our office, you’ll notice that we’re very warm, inviting, not only the environment and venue we have here, but our people are very friendly too. When you come in, you’ll notice that it’s very comfortable, it’s almost like a dining room. And what we want and a living room, also. So we have some nice comfortable chairs that you can sit if one of your loved ones or friends or having sedation dentistry, and you need to wait for a little while, you can relax in our chairs we have here, also you’re more than welcome to make any refreshments through our current coffee maker. We have an assortment of coffees and teas and that type of things, too.

And this is the rest of the area in here that you can be able to sit down and just enjoy yourself or relax. It also has some educational information here on a monitor, and you can enjoy it. Also I just want to point out over on this end here. We have a little prayer request area. So we have this, this nice box here. And what we do is, we believe in the power of prayer and we actually pray for our patients. And so if there are any requests for that, you can just take a prayer request card. Fill it out. Put it in a little box here. And we’ll pray for you on a regular basis. And what I’d like to do is to come around. And I’m going to just show you one other thing other thing that we do have is when you come in to the office. We have our computer here. And this is used to sign in after you go ahead and fill out your forms online. And this is how we do everything; paperless.

And so this is some of my team. This is Pam. Hi. I’m Pam. Welcome to the office. And I hope someday to, to meet you soon. I help Dr. Antolak manage the practice. And I also take care of any finances, or of any financial help that you may need. I also do the marketing for the office. Look forward to seeing you.

This is Jessica. I have two positions here. I am the patient coordinator, and also one of the dental hygienists. So I’ll either be making you an appointment, or cleaning your teeth.  Perfect, thank you. So come on in. I want to show you the rest of the office.

And so now when you come in, if you have questions about your insurance at all we have our insurance expert. Her name is Dana.  Hi. My name is Dana. I’m the insurance coordinator for Doctor Antolak with over 25 years’ experience in the dental field. I’d be happy to answer any dental questions that you have.  Thank you very much. And so now come on in a little further. When you walk in on your left hand side, you know, this is our consultation room that we have. And we will sit and discuss your treatment with you and your treatment plan. We also have some products that we resell that we think work very, very well for our patients. Now when you come on in you’re going to notice that in our office here we got before and after photos throughout the office of dental pieces that we’ve treated before in the past.  The befores are on the bottom, and then the afters are on top.  And this room here, we have Christine.

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m one of the hygienists here of the Gentle Dental team. We would love to have you come in and give you a thorough gentle cleaning in a caring environment. I feel that we give old-fashioned care in a high tech environment. And I think you’ll really, really like it here. We would love to have you come in soon.

So over here we have Margie. And Margie is one of our hygienists also. She’s masked for nice and secure.  And one of our patients, nice and clean teeth now, right?  Each of our rooms we have, have computers in each room. We also have x-rays in each room. So that makes it nice and convenient.

This is Nelly. I’m sterilizing instruments. This is the contaminated area. And we put them right here. Then we have Juberg. This is ultrasonic. And they get in here, vibration and water rinsed debris. We take them; rinse them in this sink with plain water. And then they go to the two sterilization units.  And so those sterilization units are what, every, we check them each month, correct?  We do. Yes, we do monitor the way they work every single month, for both of them.

Hi. My name’s Nicole. I’m one of doctor’s associates. I’m just getting our schedule ready for tomorrow. So we go over our schedule every day. And, we check medications. And what the patient’s going to have done next, so that we’re prepared.

We have actually five rooms total in our office. And as we keep coming back out, we’ll continue to show you some things. Each room is pretty much set up the same way, each one. So, as you come back, you’re going to, this is towards the back of the office. And this is my office here. And that’s where I do my work and Pam is also the manager there, too. And if you come back in here you’ll notice that we have an additional room right here that we actually use for ordering our supplies and our computer. That’s right there, actually starts to power up and serve our digital panoramic x-ray unit. Our digital Panorex is right here. And what it does is it takes an x-ray that goes around your head. And then we can see all of the sinuses and where the nerves are and everything else like that on this x-ray. And the nice is its digital. So if we have a specialist we need to refer to for a special case, we can just email that information to them.  That’s the beauty of our offices. Everything is digital. When it’s digital like that, it allows us to be much more up to date. And this extra unit actually uses significantly less radiation that a traditional film type of process.

This is our background drop here that I use for taking portraits for before and after photos for cosmetic dentistry cases. And right here at the very end is our restroom. And, in our restroom we have we try to make it nice and cozy. We have a free assortment of toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwash for use at your convenience. We really believe here at our office that we want you to make you feel like it’s your home when you come in. We are aware that a lot of times people are very nervous when they come into the office so we just really want to focus on you, our patient. We want to make sure that you do feel like you’re at home in a high tech environment. And you feel comfortable and you want to read for other people here. So if you have any questions or concerns you can give us a call at 586-247-3500. You’re on the website now so you can see the website. So if there’s any questions please give us a call. Thank you and God Bless.

The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, MI Gives an Office Tour

If you have any questions for our staff, or would like to schedule an appointment with The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Dr. Antolak, please call 586-247-3500.

The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, MI Gives an Office Tour

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