During oral examinations I have occasionally observed layers of tissue peeling from the lips and cheeks of certain patients.  When asking them what type of toothpaste or mouth rinse they use they will usually state that the toothpaste is a whitening or tarter control paste.  If it is a mouth rinse I will get a response that it is usually Crest Pro Health.  The ingredients in these agents are too strong for some people’s mouths and the outside layer of the cheek or lip’s skin peels off leaving layers of tissue that looks like string cheese.   If you do use one of these products and have noticed fleshy globs of material then I would recommend that you use a toothpaste that only contains fluoride without anti tarter or whitening ingredients.  If you do use a mouth rinse and the same happens to you I may recommend stopping its use and observing if this problem resolves.

This tissue peeling or sloughing is not really a serious matter since the oral tissues are one of the fastest tissues to reproduce in the body.  It can just be annoying when this takes place and should be resolved if possible.  You should note a difference within a week or after changing.

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The Gentle Dentist Discusses Soft tissue Affects from Mouth Rinses and Toothpastes in Shelby Township, Michigan