Question: I know that as I age along with other seniors it seems as if I am more tired. My wife says I snore and have been for years. Am I tired because of the snoring or do you think because of my age?

Answer: Over 70 million Americans snore or have a sleeping disorder. It affects the energy level, memory and concentration of those who have these problems. It also affects the spouses who have to sleep with the snorer.

Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction of the windpipe by the tongue during sleep. When the tongue fully covers the windpipe during sleep the person can’t get air in their lungs and stops breathing. This is called sleep apnea and is a momentary event, but can occur throughout the night. Both of these are constant disturbances during sleep as if someone was nudging you throughout the night preventing restful sleep. About 17% of those who snore have apnea.

When there is a constant interruption in sleep and a reduction in oxygen takes place mental awareness is reduced. We can now treat these problems by using a small mouth guard type of device that is worn at night. It can be adjusted by the patient for maximum comfort. They can also remove it whenever they want. It works by keeping the lower jaw forward and therefore opens the airway during sleep. The result is the elimination of snoring and apnea. There is greater than a 90% success rate in this treatment and can be done in less than 30 minutes and in one visit to our office. 

I am certain that if you are having these snoring or even apnea problems you will have success and have a more restful night and a much happier wife. Contact us for more information at (586) 247-3500 or visit The Gentle Dentist.