Dr Antolak: Hi, this is Dr. Robert Antolak from thegentledentist.com.  We’re located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number is  586-247-3500, you want to remember that number.

One of the procedures that we do in our office a fair amount is tooth colored braces. It’s called Six Month Smile.  Six Month Smile gives our patients the ability to have cosmetic braces and have a really nice outcome in what we do with that. What do I mean by that is moving teeth at a fairly rapid pace to get the teeth in alignment.

Today I have a pretty significant patient. Her name is Jamie.  Jamie has agreed that we can do this online and post this. What I want to do is to ask Jamie a few questions and then have her answer those.

You can show us the how you were beforehand and how you feel now that this is done and maybe some changes that have taken place as well as our relationship with you in our office.

So, this picture over to the right is what Jaime looked like about a year ago.  This case took longer than six months. It actually took over a year. But we see that Jamie had extra teeth in her mouth. She had baby teeth.

She had teeth that didn’t show up here. Her eye teeth were here. Her bite was way over. And now, this is what Jamie looks like now.

This is the difference that we’ve seen in Jamie. You can see Jamie’s nice smile there. There we go, see?

Jamie, it seems like there’s been a complete change in the way that you were feeling so just tell us a little bit about how you found out about us and what your experiences were like.

Jamie: When I first came into Dr Antolak’s office I had major fear of dentistry. I had some issues as a child with anxiety going to a dentist and was just never able to find a dentist that I was comfortable with. When I came here, I remember one of the associates taking me back to take before pictures and told me to smile as a before picture and I told her I didn’t know how to.

So, now I can’t stop smiling.  I really can’t.

I really like the office because when I come in, everyone knows who I am. It’s not a big chain office. Everyone knows each other. The staff gets along really well.

You can always tell when there’s good stuff and bad stuff going on, or when there’s a bad doctor-patient relationship and all that kind of stuff.  This is definitely the most comfortable office that I’ve ever been in.

Dr Antolak: That’s fantastic and you know, you do smile.  In fact, this is the reason why we had to do a picture with her lips pulled back, because we couldn’t force her to smile like that at the time, right?

We understand that recently you just got engaged?

Jamie: I did.

Dr Antolak:  So now you feel like smiling but what have been some of the reactions from people?

Jamie: One of my coworkers, actually the day that I got my braces off, she couldn’t stop staring at my mouth. She was just amazed because she had seen my before picture, when I had first started working there. And she was like, I just can’t stop staring at your mouth. She’s like, I’m talking to your teeth! I’m like I know, I am too.

Dr Antolak:  That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for that.

Jamie:  Yes, thank you.

Dr Antolak:  And this is the type of thing that can be done. In Jamie we had a really nice change, huge change.

Jamie:  Huge doesn’t even start to talk about it.

Dr Antolak:  The best part about it is the way that you feel about yourself and the fact that you can smile in public now and feel good about that.

So we really appreciate you sharing your testimony with those who are interested. Whether it’s something like this, where we do cosmetic braces, the six-month smile, or sometimes we can do it with dental veneers.  Or if you have missing teeth we place implants at our office and so we want to take situations where maybe you feel hopeless about your situation and help to transform not only your smile and the health of your mouth but to help transform your life and what you do, how you respond to people, and really to help advance your career in whatever you need to do.

So please give us a call at 586-247-3500 and Jamie, I thank you so much for all your testimony and just you being who you are.

Jamie:  Yes and I can’t thank you enough either

Dr Antolak:  Okay, thanks a lot, okay, bye.