Hi this is Dr. Antolak from thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan. You might see me wearing these glasses they’re called Loops, Dental Loops, I’ve been wearing Loops for approximately 10 maybe 15 years.  I’ve been using them for a long time and the reason why that is, is these are called magnifiers here, and these magnifiers they look kind of silly on there but they allow me to see 4 times magnification. So if we use for example something looks this big by the naked eye, which is about the size of a tooth it looks about this.  Inside of my dental loops and so they’re about 4 times magnification. Another beautiful thing is our ability to see. And we have this little battery pack here allows me to use my light. This is an LED light and that LED light can actually stay on and be used constantly for about 8 hours out of this little battery pack. So that really is very handy and it helps us to see. So if we turn it on it’s very bright and it allows us to see for example on here you can see this light right here from this distance. And it keeps out of the patient’s eyes, which is nice. But allows me to see details that I would never be able to see without them. So, if you’re going to an office, I’m going to say, a dentist or whoever, who doesn’t loops or a microscope for example hopefully; they’re doing a good job. Because, you know, the truth is, is that if you can’t see it, you can’t diagnose it. If you can’t diagnose it, you may have a problem that’s going on. With the naked eye you can only see so much. You need magnifications to do a good job. I’ve been using it for years and as I’ve been getting used to that and going higher. Not because my vision is worse, it’s because I have to pay attention to detail and I’ll make sure the treatment that you get here in our office is of the most highest quality care. So if you’re looking for some type of care like that, that’s just a small example of one of the many things we do for quality control. You can give our office a call at 586-247-3500 and we’re located at thegentledentist.com. Thank you, have a blessed day.

Shelby Township, Michigan Dentist Discusses Dental Loops